Film: 9730

Sport | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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History and development of archery around the world. Lots of archery competitions of people from all over the world, Japan, the United States 1970's

Native Indians in South America making rope and Inuit in northern Canada using the bow and arrow for hunting. The historical uses of the bow and arrow in Japan by the samurai and in Europe by Welsh bowmen and in the Battle of Hastings.

Archers in a modern archery tournament step up to the mark. Men on one side, women on the other. One of the women stretches her bow. A Competitor from Japan settles himself in his stance. A woman pulls back her bow, arrow notched. The competitor from Japan does the same. A whole row of ready bows. Lots of faces scrunched up with the string right on their mouth. Several shoots their arrows, other release their string and try again.

A native in possibly South America, stripping a plant for bow strings. Rolling string on his knee. Anomana? Indians of the Amazon basin. Cutting a specific species of tree, the man looks along the tree to see the best way of cutting . He hacks at it with a machete. A mound of snow with a red spot on it. A inuit / eskimo child shoots the snow mound. Various different cultures making a variety of bows and arrows. Several cave drawings or etchings in stone of people shooting bows and arrows or animals dying with arrows sticking out of them. Assyrian stone carvings. Asian paintings with archers. Japanese paintings of samurai. Genghis Khan. The Bayeaux tapestry. Medieval manuscripts. Agincourt. Crossbows. Modern achery bows, lots of people shooting arrows, split screen with the target on one side and the archer on the other. Slow motion of shooting an arrow. One arrow spliting another. Bows and arrows in art. Cupid with a bow and arrow. St. Sebastian. The black plague with the bow and arrow. Painting of the North American Indians on horseback. Buffalo hunt paintings. Cartoons of nineteenth century England where archery is an upperclass pastime. First Olympic Archery competition in 1896, still photgraphs. Modern Archery compteition. South American Indian in the Amazon jungle walking with bow.

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