Film: 9734

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Jersey holiday film in the 1950's

Map showing the south coast of England, Europe and the Channel Islands. Jersey is coloured red and is pointed out by a hand wielding a pencil. The hand circles Jersey in red ink. Jersey coast. Promenade on which people are sunbathing in deckchairs. Some are fully dressed including tie and cardigan and others are wearing bathing costumes. The port of St Helier, Jersey. A street in St Helier where a policeman is giving directions to a woman. A moving camera travels down a street at some speed past shops and parked cars. A street shot from various angles which show an old man walking, to women sitting on a bench and a mother with her child and dog walking. The camera travels at walking pace down another street showing the fronts of guest houses and the tourists walking along the pavement alongside a high wall. View of the front of the Hotel de Normandie. Flower bed in the park. Children play on the grass and a woman watches. More shots of the park where a woman pushes a pram. A large tree in the park shades two benches with their backs to the camera. A man sits on one of the benches. Close up of blue flowers of hydrangea plant. Pink and blue hydrangeas. Lots of different flowers.

A stone archway with pointed roof. Through the arch one can see another stone building. These buildings are part of Victoria College which overlooks St Helier. View of Victoria College opened by Queen Victoria in 1852. View of the cricket pitch from a window in the college. Back of someone's head framed by window. On the cricket pitch. A man in a striped blazer stands behind a row of deckchairs where spectators sit. A child runs in front of the deckchairs. A cricket match is in progress. Bowler runs up and bowls. The batsman hits the ball and both batsmen start to run. They manage two runs. The bowler bowls again. View of bowler from different angle. View of the batsmen running. Members of the cricket team start to leave the pitch. A view of a large car rounding a bend outside the walls of the bowling green just above St Aubins Bay. Aerial view of bowling green. A large group of people are playing bowls. Hillside with trees. View of bowling green. Close up of the green and the men playing on it. One man wearing a hat bowls as another walks back in to the picture from the other end of the green. View of players at opposite end of green. A woman standing in the crowd of men. As the game ends and aerial view of those remaining players clustered around the bowls in the middle of the green. A golf course where a man wearing a cap plays his shot on the green. He is watched by two other men. View of man taking shot. View of ball stopping short of the hole. Behind the hole stands a man holding the flag. A group of five golfers. Three hold clubs and one the flag. The man on the left walks away as the man in a blue tank top picks up the ball. Blue tank top man plays shot. Man in cap plays shot. The two men walk off as the man in cap slings the bag of clubs over his shoulder. In the distance another pair of golfers can be seen walking.

A number of children climb the metal stairs of a large slide. Children gathered at the top of the slide. A little girl clutching a doll slides down the slide. Which is in a large playground. A little girl in a red dress comes down the slide backwards. A little boy comes down the slide. Three children run under the slide. They run past an outdoor roller skating rink. Girls and boys are skating. Two boys sit on the far edge of the rink. On the near side a man, two women and a small child watch the skaters. In the centre of the rink two boys skate. A little boy walks round the edge of a pond holding a toy sailing boat by the top of its mast. An older boy sits on the side of the pool. Behind him sits a spaniel dog. Standing behind him are a man, woman and child. The man and woman are wearing sun glasses. A sailing boat already in the pond sails towards the edge of the pond by the family. The little boy lowers his boat in to the water next to the other boat which has been claimed by another boy. The two push their boats back towards the centre simultaneously as the woman bends down ad points across the pond. The two boats sail back and forth and in circles with the wind. The pond is in the Children's Park in St Helier. Two little girls sit on the edge of the boating pond. The smallest of the two has a boat attached to a piece of string. She places it in the water and pushes it away from the side. She stands up as another boat comes into view. View of boating pond and the road outside the park where cars go past. The sea can be seen in the distance. A man stands at a microphone on the esplanade and is organising games for all ages to play. There are columns of children and adults. Two women run to join the end of one of these queues. View of compere gesturing. View of columns where people stand with their legs apart and bend from the waist to touch the ground in front of them, between their legs and finally their toes before straightening and raising their hands to shoulder level. This is then repeated. Close up of three men doing this. Man at microphone. View of more people doing this exercise including a column of children. View of lots of people doing star jumps. View of people jumping like frogs from crouching position and throwing their arms in the air when they are jumping. As they do this they also turn ninety degrees in the air. View of one column running between people in the column next to them. View of spectators leaning against or sitting on the esplanade wall. The people in the columns weaving in and out of each other. View of column where each person is curled into a ball on the floor. An old man walks with a leg either side of them. When he gets to the front he joins the column. Each person he has passed over has stood up. He then bends and rolls a ball back between his legs and between the legs of all those people behind him. When the ball reaches the back the game starts again with everyone curled up in a ball. This time a woman is walking over the people curled up. View of participants all marching in a large circle. Another circle is formed within that one. Close up of legs and feet of one female participant. View of lots of circles all inside on another and going both clockwise and anti-clockwise. In the centre is the compere. They stop walking and begin to march on the spot. View of people doing final star jump before dispersing. A woman in a blue dress walks towards the compere.

Seagulls above the harbour being fed by a woman. Three people in a dinghy come alongside two other boats. The middle person grabs hold of a rope strung between the two boats in order to secure the dinghy as they climb out. View of two girls sitting on the stone steps of a jetty above a small boat. The larger girl has her feet on a cable and is using them to swing it back and forth. In the boat below a man in white thigh length waders and a cap is leaning over the side of the boat. Large baskets in the boat hold fish and crabs. The fisherman now stands up and is no longer wearing his hat. He is holding a fish. There is another man in the boat in a navy blue jumper who is gutting a fish on the floor of the boat. The older man throws his catch in to a basket and turns to face the jetty three boys and a girl now watch him. The man in the white waders watches as the other man casts off another boat. The man in the jumper is now wearing a hat. A man stands in a white boat passing his fishing tackle to a colleague who is standing on the stone stairs. There is a net in a heap next to him. A boy helps a man in a cap to make fast a boat. View of fishing boats in the harbour. In the background are larger boats, possibly ferries. View of men and a boy carrying small boats to the shore. The boats belong to the Royal Britannia Yacht Corps. The crews carry the dinghies to the water in the inner harbour. They put the boat down at the very edge of the water. View of second crew carrying their dinghy down the slipway. They lower their boat next to the first. A boy is rigging the sails on one of the dinghies whilst a third dinghy is carried down. There are now four dinghies being readied to sail. View of the dinghies being launched. Each is crewed by one person and manoeuvred between the larger boats by paddle. One boy rights his dinghy after capsizing. Two dinghies collide. They all move into the outer harbour. The dinghies in full sail. The hulls as they now move far more swiftly through the water. A boy leans backwards over the side to change direction. Another sailing crew includes a girl. View of the cadets' skipper. He helps one cadet to moor his dinghy. Two men stand under a mast flying for different flags including the cross of St George and a red one with a union jack in the top left hand corner. The man acting as starter of the Royal Britannia Yacht Club Senior Race wears a peaked cap and carries a stopwatch. There is a small cannon at hi feet which is used to start the race. The yachts leave the harbour. They are racing to a buoy half way between St Helier in Jersey and St Malo, France. Close up of yacht. View of guard boat which carries the referee and extra crew. A girl on a yacht. Three men on the same yacht are eating. The are all smartly dressed in jackets and ties. A man in a jumper is next to the young woman and they are both eating. The young woman passes bread to the camera man. A woman on board wearing a headscarf. A yacht reaches the buoy. A yacht on the horizon. View of other yachts. View of other yachts rounding the buoy. Woman on guard ship watching the competitors. A man and a woman stand on the quayside watching a ferry arrive. View of crowded ferry. A woman on shore waves at ferry passengers. The passengers wave back. People on shore as the ferry sails by. Ferry leaving. Two woman stand on the promenade. A speedboat pulling a water-skier. Boat. Water-skier. Boat. Water-skier balancing on one leg. Close up of boat. Male water-skier. Female water-skier who isn't using her hands and is also balancing on one leg. Boat. Another water-skier on one leg. Boat. Water-skier in water having lost his balance. Boat. A man helps the water-skier aboard the boat. Boats. Elizabeth Castle built by Sir Walter Raleigh and the World War II amphibious landing craft which is used to take visitors to the castle. Close up of landing craft diving through shallow water. Landing craft driving on beach. People getting off the landing craft by ramp. Green and white double decker bus. A motor coach followed by a taxi. Bus. Women wearing hats wait at a bus stop. View of back of car. Pretty country lane. Houses. Women walking in road as bus goes past. An open topped car with two people in it stops at the side of the road. The couple get out to look at the view. Another parked car with a Jersey cow in front of it grazing. A family have a picnic on grass overlooking the sea. A policeman stands on top of a cliff. Large crowds on the roadside. It is the hill climb and race on motorbikes held annually. Competitors put on helmets and walk towards the row of motor bikes leaned against the hillside. One competitor gets on his bike as another puts on a helmet and goggles. Motorbike and rider coming round a sharp bend. Parts of the crowd stand for a better view. Aerial view of motorbike on a straight. He rounds the bend. View of bike coming round bend and going up the hill. View of another bike coming round the bend and up the hill. A group of women ride horses at a trot on a country lane. There is also a man with them who is not wearing a riding hat and a child on a pony. The man is on a grey horse. Horses now at a walk. Horses now going cross country. Horse back on the road. One girl has no hat. Coastline. Two women clamber up the rocks. Rocks and view of beach. Sea with lighthouse in distance. Three men stand on the edge of the cliff chatting. A couple walk along the coast road. Two women walk and chat. At a café people sit outside round tables with umbrellas. A family sit at a table in the restaurant of the airport. There is a plane outside. People getting off a plane. View of plane and airport buildings. Planes. A parade through the streets of St Helier during the Semaine Francaise. Men carrying bagpipes and wearing straw boaters, drummers and men with cornets. Folk dancers from Brittany, Normandy and Corsica amongst other places. Women in traditional costume including white cone shaped hats. The men also wear traditional dress. Some men carry flags. Other women wear traditional Norman headdresses. Along the roadside are spectators and parked cars. This parade is going to the cenotaph for a memorial service for those who died in the war. View of cenotaph. View of women in traditional costume holding wreaths made of poppies. View of poppy wreaths having been laid at the foot of the memorial. Men playing their bagpipes. View of women in their costumes. A man with an accordion. Close up of male dancer in traditional costume. Views of the various groups of dancers. Dancers from Concarnaux in tall lace caps and orange coloured skirts. Dancers dancing. Corsican dancers. The women wear short skirts and the men have three quarter length trousers and berets. They dance in pairs in a dance similar to the Scottish jig. The Basques dance round a maypole, The women have on dark skirts with white shawls and caps whilst the men wear white with red sashes and berets. A man plays their music on a pipe and drum. The Basques also dance another dance in a line holding hands. They get the onlookers to join in the dancing. One dancer sits with a little girl on her lap. A man asks to photograph some of the dancers. A little girl has her hand kissed by a male dancer kneeling in front of her. A woman signs her autograph on a piece of paper resting on a man's back. A male dancer signs his autograph in the same way but on the back of a young woman in a scarlet coat. Large crowd in the park gathered to watch the official performance of the dancers. The bagpipers on stage. Audience arrives for an outdoor concert by an orchestra from Rennes, France. View of orchestra playing.

View of decorated bridge with a banner announcing the annual Battle of the Flowers. A marching band passes under the bridge. Close up of band passing by. Lieutenant Governor of Jersey attending the Battle of the Flowers. The band stand to attention . A carriage goes past decked out in flowers. A man dressed as a cowboy accompanies it on a horse. The guest in the carriage is Petula Clark. She alights from the carriage and is escorted to the Lieutenant Governor. The parade begins with a band playing. They are followed by men in blue uniforms and white ties on horses. Men in costumes with oversized heads walk about - they are dresses as a goose , an elephant, a schoolteacher amongst other things. Children are dressed as pirates. Girls carry bouquets of flowers with hoops that frame them attached. Floats are decorated completely with flowers. Girls carry flowers. A globe shaped float. A girl on a float is dressed as a mermaid. A pink elephant float is pulled by men painted to look like Indians. A Caribbean float with dancers and a band with a maracas player. Oversized chefs. A float where the people are painted to look black. People dressed in Edwardian costume. Scenes of battle as flowers are hurled at both spectators and participants. People leave walking on a road strewn with petals and crushed flowers. Group of people walking on a beach. Boats on a beach. A couple look out to sea. Children clamber over the rocks to get to the top of an outcrop where people are sunbathing. The children wave. Children on the beach change into their swimming costumes under their dresses. Pile of clothes. Children in the water. A woman dives from the rocks into the water and swims underwater. A boy dives in followed by a girl and then another. A woman in a row boat with some children steers towards the rocks. A man gets in to the boat as two children dive fro the rocks into the sea. A beach. People paddling in the sea. Two men carry a woman to a boat. She sits down and they push the boat further out to sea before getting in. A toddler carrying a bucket paddles in the sea holding his m others hand. People on beach in swimming costumes. A family on a raft. The little girl pulls it into shore whilst her parent s are still seated on it!! Children play on a beach. Paddling with Elizabeth castle in the background. A family dine al fresco at a table with an umbrella. Beach with Atlantic Ocean. A boy and a girl enter the water carrying surf boards. A girl surfs to shore. Montage of men, boys and girls surfing and falling off. Three men with surf boards walk along the beach. Sea. Secluded bay where people are sunbathing. Waves breaking over rocks. Montage of people - girls, boys and adults using diving boards and swimming back to shore. Some of them do somersaults. People sunbath in deckchairs on promenade. A girl in blue swimsuit and sash stands with her arm upraised by a flagpole.

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