Film: 9736

Geography | 1980 | Sound | Colour


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An educational film explaining theories of plate tectonics 1980s

Lava erupting, land appears very black, lava billowing under sea, fade to cliff face, pan through smoke to lava flow. Lava, black rock. Close-up lava flow. Map of world in red and black, illustrating areas of volcanic activity and plate boundaries, fade to map of one ancient continent known as Pangaea, continent breaks up. South America and Africa shown to fit against each other, close-up of fit, pan out, illustrate areas tested for geological match, match of fauna, in this case anteaters. Map of world, Iceland surrounded with white box, fade to eruption. Different angle of same, aerial view. White smoke billows from an island. Plumes of smoke. Island and smoke. Eruption of lava and black smoke. Lava jets and black smoke. Eruption along the coast. Red and black map of world, mid-Atlantic ridge shown with arrows. Map of Iceland. Aerial of Iceland. Glaciers. Glaciers from different angle. Fissures on land illustrate Iceland split. View across valley. More fissures. Artist's conception of mid-Atlantic ridge, illustration of Earth's crust and mantle. On-board large ship. Captain with binoculars. Man using equipment, taking measurements. Man seated at sonar screen. Close-up of machine drawing map. Black man's face. His hand as he draws contour lines of sea floor. Illustrated world map showing mid-Atlantic ridge. Show ridges on ocean floor. Close-up west coast of South America. Illustration of subdution zone in cross-section. Back to artist's illustration of California. Satellite view of California, San Andreas Fault illustrated with arrows. People on the beach. Close-up of rock face, two types of rock side by side. Close-up rock face. Buildings fall during earthquake (1971). Close-up of seismograph. Unclear shot of damaged buildings. Police carrying body on stretcher. Road surface split. Men work on damaged railway line. Another split tarmac road. Remains of building, twisted metal. Buildings in Turkey. Ruined homes. Man sifting through rubble. More rubble.

Different illustration of map of world, shows South America illustrating deposits of oil and gas on east coast, illustrate where metal deposits may lie. Earth from space, illustrated with large white compass point marked north and south. Show north and south switch back and forth. Representation of cross section of sea floor, boat on surface, illustrate "magnetic banding". Close-up of illustration showing reversals of polarity. Arrows showing plates separate. Aerial shot of ship at sea, probably from crows nest. Drilling equipment. Men with samples of sediment from sea floor. Drill. More core samples on racks. One sample taken straight to lab on ship. Man with microscope. Sailors reading sonar screens to record exact position of ship. Drill working as sun sets. Men working through the night. Shot of man and descending drill bit. Core samples packaged, labelled and stacked. Core samples open on table. Scientist studies these. Takes small samples. Shot of differing cores. Artist illustration of ridge. Illustration of world, North Africa, Spain and mid-Atlantic ridge. Diagram showing ages of ricks in millions of years, those closest to ridge are youngest.

Ship at sea from aboard another ship. Narrator mentions "Project Famous", we see submersible, "Alvin", lowered into sea. Technicians onboard ship lower "Alvin". Man snorkels under water towards "Alvin". Mini-sub on surface with two men standing on it. "Alvin" from below surface. Again from different angle. Man on ship talks through radio onboard ship called "Loulou". "Alvin" under water, slow descent. Control panel onboard "Alvin". Ocean floor. Shot of man looking through porthole. Another of ocean floor, with formations of pillow lava.

Pillow lava forming as lava erupts under water off coast of Hawaii. Various shots of same. Coastline, waves crashing on pillow shaped rock now above sea-level near San Francisco. Terraced coast of California. Old sea floor now mountainous ridge on west coast. San Francisco bridge, close-up of rock type called "chert". Electron microscope. Technician. Fossils depicted in red, called "radiolarians". Waves breaking. Sediment on sea floor. Rock face shown, apparently made of microscopic skeletons.

Illustrated cross section of the earth showing thermal flow in mantle. Drawing of ridge showing "hot spots". Lava erupting in a plume. Flow in smoky, barren landscape. Close-up of eruption. Close-up of lava flowing. Lava flow, man crouches gathering samples. Aerial shot of islands, maybe Hawaii. Illustrated cross section of volcano, showing island chain of volcanoes.
Map of world, Arabian Peninsula moving away from Africa, widening The Red Sea. Satellite pictures of this area. Picture of world, centre on Yellow Stone National Park. Shot of billowing smoke, Geysers. Satellite picture of Earth from space.

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