Film: 9737

London | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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A day in London, the Thames, the City, Covent Garden, commuters, tube trains and a couple who meet, helped by their dogs 1930s

Close up pavement and legs, feet of man walking. Feet walk up steps. View man looking over a wall. Many buildings in background. Close up water. Close up shot from side, man wearing a cap, upturned coat collar smoking. Close up hand takes cigarette from mouth and flicks it away. Shot moves across water. A river tug pulls two barges , warehouses in background. Tug and barges from other side , buildings and warehouses in background. Tug pulling four loaded barges, makes a lot of smoke. Wooden bench. Man, back to us, lying on it. Close up of man's shoes, dirty with holes in them. Close up torn page of newspaper, women's fashion. Shot of sky with moon. Shot moves down to skyline, large buildings and rising sun. Tram passes. Close up in shot. Shot moves across sky. Dome of St. Paul's cathedral and two other church spires. Loaded cart, two horses, boxes on it. Close up back of a lorry writing G. L. Baker Road Transport. Stacked boxes - G. O written on three. Shot moves to cab of lorry, written on it address 104 Long Acre W.C.2. Shot moves across to back of another lorry. Man walks into shot, walks to camera. A man leans on lorry talking to a man sitting on boxes on back of lorry. Busy scene close up. Men carrying boxes and pushing trolleys, loading carts. Distance shot fro above. Rows and rows of stacked boxes and sacks, lots of people walking round stacking and unstacking goods. Shot moves across more rows of goods. Very busy scene of market. Close up man pulling loaded cart. Another man making transaction with stall-holder. Close up flowers - a hand moving them. View from door of large bowls of peas and women sifting them. View from above, London Bridge (?) Commuters and driver, quite close, walk across Blackfriars Bridge, St. Paul’s etc. in the background. A tram goes past horses and cart. Three loaded small lorries move across Blackfriars Bridge. Lamp post in foreground. Tram lines in road and large building at end of bridge. Shot up to sky with temple pediments and columns at Covent Garden. Shot moves down other buildings and rest of columns. On street stationary vans and man pushing trolley, walking and cars and buses, tugs and barges moored at side of river. Distance view along the Thames with three bridges. First bridge in foreground steam train moves across. Close up shot from pavement of people's feet and legs walking, looking upwards. Traffic moving in background. View looking up of modern seven storey blocks of flats, Union Jack flying . Another view of same flats with balconies. Close up of windows, moving from top to bottom. A window. Close up of a man's mouth and nose, yawning, crooked teeth. A window. Long dark ( hair ??) being brushed. A window. A hand with razor on face. A window. A hand pours white powder from a bottle into glass of water, water bubbles. A window. Interior of a room, curtains open up, table and lamp by window. A maid walks through shot. Close up of a china dog on table. Close up shot along a bed. A small dog and a woman asleep. Close ups dog and woman. A large exterior door with columns on steps. A postman walks up steps to door, walks down steps with letters in hand, sack on back. Close up small table, lots of things on it. A cup and saucer, teapot, milk jug. A hand makes a cup of tea. Close up of small dog asleep. A man in pyjamas and dressing gown sits on bed and drinks tea. Dog gets up and goes to man close up. Man pours tea in saucer and puts it on floor for dog. Close up of dog drinking from saucer. Bare man’s legs and slippers close up. Close up wash basin and running tap. Many people walk across a bridge. Buses and cars go past. Street shot, people walk into an underground station , people get off buses - 645 Golders Green on bus. Cars pull away. Close up peoples’ legs descending from bus. More men and women walking to Tube station. A train pulls into station platform, doors opening. People get out of train and walk along platform. Close ups of feet and legs. Very crowded scene, people walking down steps. Close up a maid opens door with dog in arms, shuts door walks downstairs and to outside. Puts dog on ground. Man’s feet at door, dog put on ground. Dog runs along pavement. Another looks from a balcony. Dog barks at cat through railings. Close up of a bushy cat. Close up two dogs meet on pavement. Two dogs run around on grass. Woman washes in a bath. Close up woman puts lipstick on with finger. Close up leg of woman puts stocking on. Close up feet - put in shoes. View across Trafalgar Square. Close up pigeons being fed. Woman and dog feed pigeons. Man and dog walk up steps. Close ups of lots of pigeons. Piccadilly Circus and Eros statue from above. Traffic moving around it and buses and horse and cart. Bus No. 96 View from Piccadilly along Shaftesbury Avenue from above. Advertisements on buildings. Above shot of pedestrians crossing road at a crossing. Close up stop light at traffic lights. Shots of pedestrians crossing the road. Scene with lots of traffic. Monico Restaurant in background. Shots of pedestrians and shots of traffic. Shop in background - Sagin and Lawrence - a jewellers. Close up letter box and man having shoes cleaned, foot on box. Nugget boot polish. Close up of shoe shine man cleaning shoes, lots of tattoos on hands. Distance shot woman on steps around Eros selling flowers. Close up woman and baskets of flowers. Underground entrance steps at corner of a road. People walk in and out. Shots from steps inside looking up. Tube ticket office with people, different shots. Tube platform. People on platform, signs and posters. Underground train comes to camera. Close up side of tube train. Close up of train coming out of tunnel. Shot inside train carriage, people sitting. Some get up. Close up exterior train, door open, people get out and others go in. Piccadilly Circus station. Close up of people leaving train. People going up and down on escalators. Close up of people moving on up escalator. Close up of a ticket machine. Hand puts money in 1/- (one shilling) slot, other slot 6d (sixpence). Ticket comes out, hand takes and collects change from tray. Woman and dog go down the escalator. Ticket collector takes tickets. Man puts dog on ground. Dog runs away. Man in suit runs after him. Dog runs on to platform to woman and dog, sitting down. Tube train comes through tunnel close up. Woman and both dogs get on train and sit down. Man gets on and sits with woman. Close up "No Smoking" sign on tube window. Man, woman and dogs walk through metal gates into a park. Close up two geese. Shots of man and woman walking in park, sit at a table outside a restaurant. Close up of man and woman at the table, both smoking. A waiter brings tea. Close ups of two dogs playing.

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