Film: 9741

Politics | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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1960's film tracing the history of the smear or 'dirty politics' from the founding of the United States to the middle 1960's. Definition of smear in the political sense. "SMEAR" comes to the front.

Pictures of George Washington, with voice-over vilifying him. Unclear and confusing soundtrack. Cartoon of Washington. Picture of Andrew Jackson. "Some account of some of the bloody deals of General Jackson" Picture of Mrs Jackson. She was accused of adultery. She dies before Andrew Jackson takes office. pictures of Martin van Buren, lampooned as an eastern snob. Picture of Abraham Lincoln. Picture of a dance. Cartoons of Lincoln smeared as a callous murderer when seeking re-election. Picture of Horace Greely. Cartoons of Horace Greely smeared as being part of Tammany-Hall corruption. He loses the election for the Presidency and dies shortly after. The Evening Telegraph June or July 1884. Picture of Grover Cleveland. He is forced to admit making love to a widow, Maria Halpin. Cartoon of Grover Cleveland. Picture of James G Blaine. Mention of a shotgun rape Blaine was involved in. Cartoons of Blaine. Picture of Al Smith, 1928 presidential candidate. Ku Klux Klan attacked him as he was a Catholic. Cartoons of Smith. he opposed prohibition, Poem: Alcohol Smith's Platform. The Protestant Vol.8 No.5 Smith must be annihilated. Picture of Herbert Hoover. He is accused of profiting from the First World War. 1932. Bonus Army Newspaper. Picture of Franklin D Roosevelt. he is accused of being Al Smith's tool. Roosevelt "family tree". He is accused of being Jewish. Hitler and Mussolini sneer at America's "Jewish" president. Communism and the Roosevelt Brain Trust. Cartoon of Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor, who is holding a flag with a hammer and sickle. Cartoon of Elliott Roosevelt. Picture of Roosevelt's dog. 1944 Newspapers. Film of Roosevelt responding to attacks.

Two men and three women apparently stuffing envelopes with political literature. Titles of leaflets: Republicans will not be silenced; The Veteran and the Welfare State; The Amerasia Base; GOP Campus Program; One Vote; What Can I Do?; Had Enough Herring?; Congressional Record; Scare Words; Our Foreign Policy; John and Mairy Blake and the Brennan Plan; All For One! One For All!; How to Use radio and television; Harry S Truman; The Robert Alphonso Taft Story - they show the inside of that last one. Picture of senator Tydings. Picture of John M Butler. front page of anti-Tydings paper. People claimed Tydings blocked exposure of communists in the United state government. A vote for Butler is a vote against communism. Picture of Tydings listening to the radio. Picture of ear; Browder. Composite picture of Tydings listening to communist Browder? Grey M Gillette senate sub-committee denounces doctored photograph as odious. Butler gets senate seat. Charles Taft’s fair practices committee. Its code is signed by republicans and democrats. Picture of Adlai Stevenson. Picture of Dwight D Eisenhower. Picture of Eisenhower at West Point. He is smeared as a Swedish Jew. Doctored picture of Eisenhower and Soviet Marshal Zhukov. Senator Joseph McCarthy. he accuses Stevenson of conniving with communism. Richard Nixon and Eisenhower. secret Nixon Fund. Anti-Nixon placards. Nixon claims fund is to fight communism. Newspaper article about Nixon. Nixon and Eisenhower. Nixon. Picture of John F Kennedy. Nixon attacked in the Southern United States as a friend of blacks and in the North as an opponent of Civil Rights in 1960 presidential election. Kennedy is accused of going to the London School of Economics. LSE is called even worse than Harvard. Cartoons of Kennedy. Nixon. fat man in a suit smoking. Charles van Got (?) interviewed by Jay McMullin (?).

People generally believe what they read. Picture of Guy M Gillette, asked what a smear consists of. Bruce felknor. Gordon Hall. Gillette. Hall. Felknor. Hall. Felknor. Hall. Felknor. Hall. Charles P Taft speaking in 1964 at the Sheraton-Carlton Hotel. he is with republican chairman Dean Birch and democratic Chairman John Bailey. "Fight Clean" Charles P Taft. Code of Fair campaign Practice. The two chairmen sign the code. Articles about the dirty nature of the 1964 Presidential campaign. New York Times Article about smearing L B Johnson. Campaign of Disparagement. Walter Cronkite saying what voters should look out for. Watch for anonymous campaign literature. Watch out for rumours. Where is the proof? Be sceptical.

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