Film: 9742

Aviation | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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A behind-the scenes look at airline services given by 'Miracle Man' an animated figure, during Mr Wilson's flight from Amsterdam to Rome 1950's

Showing ticket reservation, baggage handling, on-flight service, plane maintenance and pilot training.
An airplane is guided into Rome airport by a signal-man wearing overalls with Roma written on the back. The plane come into land and is saluted by three stewards. The passengers disembark, but one man - Mr Wilson backs back up the steps and addresses the camera. He flies regularly, it is a very easy process. Still shots are shown of Mr Wilson making a telephone reservation, collecting his ticket, arriving at the airport by bus with his wife and child, going through customs, waving good-bye as he boards the plane and relaxing into his seat. Something catches his attention overhead. An animated model (miracle man) of an airline steward looks out over the overhead locker, he waves and jumps down onto the head-rest of the seat in front of Mr Wilson. Miracle man produces a pack of cards and shuffles them, they change into photographs of Mr Wilson preparation for the flight. They are the same photographs seen earlier. Miracle man draws Mr Wilson's attention to the back of the photograph, each of these photographs portrays work behind the scenes. A man in an office takes Mr Wilson's booking, he takes it into the telex office and hands it to a woman who types it up. A telex machine in the central booking office in the Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam prints the booking out. Mr. Wilson is booked on the Amsterdam-Rome flight KL289 for the 22 April. Miracle man who is also in the office beckons the message to be put into a slot for flight destination. The booking travels along a conveyor belt until it arrives at the desk of a clerk who stamps it as booked after he records it.
Miracle man produces another photograph and hands it to Mr Wilson. It is of Mr Wilson getting off the bus at the airport. The photograph on the reverse side shows his baggage being taken off the bus. A porter pushes a baggage trolley through the airport. Mr Wilson is at the check-in counter, he is worried about his luggage but sees the porter weighing it, a record is made of his luggage. Miracle man calls from above, he points to the slot where the check-in slip goes and it is sent at high speed across the room to another chute. It lands on the desk of another clerk who enters the information in a ledger. Mr Wilson moves onto customs. A series of comic still photographs illustrate the exchange between the official and Mr Wilson. Cuts back to Mr Wilson and miracle man on the plane. He is shown one more photograph - of his wife and child waving to him at the airport, he tucks it away in his wallet. He is very pleased by the courtesy service of flying.
His attention is now drawn to the in-flight service onboard. A steward comes forward and shows him a tray of food. Miracle man shows him how the food is prepared on the plane and taps his foot to jazz piano music, three chefs are in a kitchen preparing food rhythmically to the same music. Shots of food, magazines, drinks and a group of chefs around a table laden with food are shown. Mr Wilson applauds and miracle man takes a bow. Mr Wilson relaxes and stares out the window as the pilot comes out to check on the passengers. Although the pilot is very experienced, he has to practice regularly. Cuts to the pilot in a flight simulator on the ground, he has to be trained on how to land in every airport in the world. Miracle man shows him a plan of the plane. Cuts to technicians in a hangar examining the same plan. Men are checking the engine, propeller and tail of the plane. Back in the airplane, miracle man leads Mr Wilson to the cockpit. He sees all the dials on the dashboard and looks at the fine weather outside. Weather conditions are not left to chance. Cuts to the pilots in the meteorological office checking their maps against weather charts. Back in the cockpit, the radio operator receives a message from the weather office. The fasten seat-belt sign comes on and Mr Wilson returns to his seat. As the plane lands an aerial view of Rome is shown. The plane lands on the runway and Mr Wilson is once more talking to the camera on the boarding stairs. Miracle man appears in the doorway, he represents air service. Air and ground stewards assist passengers, load luggage and supplies on the plane.

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