Film: 9746

Social History | 1970 | Silent | Colour


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Amateur home movie. Shots of family holidays 1970's
At the sea, in the garden, using a movie camera on a tri-pod. Smoking and sun bathing by the pool and on sun loungers on a sandy beach. Snorkelling and boating. Shots of stills - portrait pictures of a girl at various ages. Washing on line in back garden.
Motorcycle display in grass arena - spectators stand around in a large circle and watch. Further rushes and out takes from a production. Outside a suburban house (back garden).
Large house (exterior) with gravel drive. An odd character pulls up on a motorbike wearing shorts. He digs in flowerbeds with a hand trowel.
More beach scenes with lots of holiday makers.
Crawling and toddling baby inside a house. Mother cooking in the kitchen. Dummy of a witch burning in a back garden (!) on the lawn. Extinguished by man with hose. Sunsets, deck chairs, families on a pleasure boat. Eating in a hotel restaurant.
Burning dry grass. Mowing a lawn. Black labrador and golden retriever dogs indoors and playing outside. Shots of b/w stills of family past.
Holiday by a British looking harbour. Sitting outside a pink painted hotel. Indoor swimming pool. Lots of kids on a see-saw and swings. Riding bikes. Demolition with a digger or bulldozer. British beach. Ends with shots of various family members - range of ages.

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