Film: 9748

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Machine and production line technology 1950's

Opening sequence: Coca-Cola bottling plant. Empty cases of Coke bottles are sent down a conveyor belt to a storage area. Lamson engineers have been responsible for several ingenious devices to ensure that bottlenecks or jams do not arise. Cut to automatic stripper that removes straw from bottles. Full bottles in cases are moved through a complex series of loading lines which enables multiple orders to be satisfied. Overhead conveyor. Narrator details the complexity of co-ordinating the supply of cartons and the tuning of their delivery on the production line. This narration is completed over footage of production line. Cut to demonstration of overhead chain conveyors, which can be used to transport delicate materials from one side of a factory to another. Cut to International Harvesters where movement of large, bulky, hard-to-handle loads is solved by a Lamson overhead toll conveyor system. In the shipping area, trucks run along rollers using gravity at a convenient speed to make it easier on the packers. Cut to medical company production line, which uses a sterile industrial belt stainless steel conveyor. Cut to delivery of giant rolls of paper which enter a loading device taking them down on a vertical conveyor to real room level. Narrator discusses the problem of handling loads of this weight (2 tons). Cut to manufacture of newsprint with detailed explanation of how plates are moved around the news organizational building, allowing access & enabling passage of personnel. Narrator details how Lamson engineers have been able to effectively reduce high cost handling. Manufacture of magazines shown going through high speed printing-press. Overhead chain carries bundles of magazines to the printer. After trimming, they travel to an automatic loader that deposits them accurately into the card packing release. Various chutes and roller mechanisms are employed to ensure that the minimum of time is used in getting the magazines despatched. Cut to demonstration of vertical reciprocating conveyors used to transport palettes of material from one floor to another. Forklift truck operator removes a palette-load from the lift. The problem of handling incoming oil-drums and providing storage for thousands of full drums was solved by a portable chain carrier. Cut to shot of Esso oil cans being filled on their way to being stored.

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