Film: 9749

Places + Locations | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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A film about Yorkshire 1970's

A map of Britain - marking Yorkshire. Map of county.

Coastline viewed from above of Spurn Head - a growing spit of sand built up by the action of the sea. Travelling up North, people on the beach of Flamborough Head, people in Scarborough on the beach, in the city centre, children riding on donkeys. The port of Whitby viewed from above a holiday reserve and a centre of the fishing industry. Fishing boats from the front, crane lifts boxes full of fish.
Inland from Scarborough, South, are the Wolds where chalk-rich soil supports farming. Sheep in the fields. Barley and wheat mainly grown here. A combine harvester at work. North York Moors viewed from above, limestone base can support sheep farming. A group of youngsters on a hike in the National Park. A busy road. Historic monument - Abbeys of Whitby & Rievaulx a group of kids is shown around. The flat fields of Pickering is shown from above followed by the lowlands of Vale Trent. Potato picking tractors in field, separating wheat. Cattle in dairy and in the field. The town of Northallerton on a market day. The city of York - the historic centre of the county, youngsters walk along the wall. The Cathedral's spires, view down upon the city, cars crossing city gates. The railway station. The market - cattle, sheep & pigs, auction of dairy cows. The Pennine range provides recreational area for most of the population - viewed from above. A region of Limestone with mountains reaching 2500 feet high. A group of hikers . Waters flowing in the Dales. Water in large reservoirs. The industrial areas are in the Eastern side of the Pennines. View from above of Huddersfield. Bradford is traditionally the biggest centre of wool industry. A man sifting through the wool. Wool being processed, weaved; the cloth then moves to Leeds where it's made up into clothing. Tailors at work, marking, cutting, sewing. Printing machinery made in Leeds, printing plates, the clock tower of Leeds Town Hall, busy streets, people walking, housing association building, playing field. Sheffield view from above where 3/4 of adult workers are employed by the steel industry. The idle collieries of the past. Today the coal comes from the colliery of Broadsworth - workers of the coalmine, a huge wheel, controller, wagons of coal, trucks. A great furnace in the steel industry a man works by the great heat; liquid steel shaped to form a pipe; giant engines for ships; knives, cutlery. Comparison between Leeds and Sheffield viewed from above. Shopping centre. The map. River Humber and its ports Goole & Hull. Hull is the 3rd largest city and port, river frontage of 7 miles, 12 miles of quays capable of handling the large vessels. Timber is brought from Russia & Scandinavia, wool from Australia & New Zealand, wheat from Argentine & Canada, products being brought to shore via crane. Petroleum pipelines and containers, hundreds of cars for exports. Trucks going into a ferry.

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