Film: 9751

Places + Locations | 1980 | Sound | Colour


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Hawaii, U.S.A. 1980's

The waves, aerial views of the islands, sunrise over the mountain. Volcanic eruption, lava rushes into the sea, waves crushing on the shore a model explaining the formation of 1500 miles of volcanic mountains under the pacific ocean, 132 islands of these make up America's 50th state, only seven of the islands are inhabited. Hawaii is the newest island of the chain. It was formed by five volcanoes, picture from above of Malmanoa is the most active volcano in the world. From which rises a long volcanic crack, close view from above steam and lava eruption cover the landscape U.S.A. survey inspectors. 1969 eruptions covered huge forests and added 400 acres of land. The entrance to volcano national park, in the office opening packages, people from all over the world sending back rocks and dust they have taken. The effect of the sea on the rocks corrosion and grinding down to create black sandy beaches. In other places it has been covered by white sand of Hawaii. The Kenion of Waimia on the island of Kalwaii, one of the most spectacular gorges in the world, a wide view of the sea, where from water evaporates to create clouds (fast motion), the sources of rain on the other side of the islands, green all around, a horse and birds in the rain.
Streams and water falls between the mountains on their way back to the sea. Nearly 500 inches of rain falls here every year. Hundreds of steep waterfall. On the opposite slopes fall little rain, only vegetation of deserts can grow here. Hundreds of people bathing in the Ocean, snorkelling fish, surfing. The new tourist area, hotels today by comparison to the old days, when Waikiki was a fishing village, 900,000 hotel rooms are available, a very crowded beach, children, seagulls, baby crawling, boats. The marine of Honolulu, U.S.A. military base and cemetery. Hawaii state symbol from 1959, the clock tower, sky scrapers, busy street in the financial district. Honolulu by night, a light, fast motion picture.
A shop full of oriental goods, Chinatown market selling meat, traditional Hawaiian dance of a lion-dragon, accompanied by drums, lantern a light commemorates the dead, women hit the gong, in the temple prayers are chanted. A march. A woman covered in flowers riding a horse. 10th animal Waikoloa Rodeo, Hawaiian cowboys riding wild horse, the crowd cheering, children eating, cowboys fall off the back of a horse. Pan from the back of crowd watching a choir of missionaries, dressed traditionally, faces in the crowd. Tahoula, an ancient Hawaiian dance of two people, both dancers are old. Six rowing a canoe over the horizon. Outside Honolulu in the Polynesia cultural centre, ancient arts are preserved. Stick dance, traditional costume, line dancing, ceremony on a boat. Women dance with flowers, belly dancing, torch dance. A sculpture of an old good, big wooden statue outside a straw hut. Westerner going to church archive pictures / footage of Hawaiian monarchy, a statue of Kamenameha, the first king of Hawaii in front of the Palace in Honolulu. Camera indoors showing staircase, table set up, all remained since 1882-1893 of the monarchy years, archive stills of workers in the fields from the beginning of the century working for the white man industry of sugar cane. Children, families working in the fields. Pineapple is being picked and put on a conveyor belt. U.S.A. Air Force entrance. Archive footage of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Today the Arizona memorial is built of the sunk battle ship where 1100 men are buried, close up of people in the memorial, names carved in stone. An aircraft is landing at Honolulu International Airport, a cruise, dolphins, whales tail, people jumping into see. Landscape at sunset. A boat crosses over the sun, a helicopter, geyser, lava eruption

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