Film: 9756

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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How industrialisation came to America, emphasising cotton mills, changed lives in Northern states implies this brought about Civil War with Southern "Rural" states 1960's

Flock of birds circling winter trees. Horse and carriage crossing wooden enclosed bridge over frozen river. Horse and carriage exiting the bridge, ground covered in snow. Winter trees. Horse drawn carriage approaching camera, passengers in 19th century clothing. View from carriage to horse's back. American 19th century style houses, wooden, painted, gable fronted in snow. Winter trees. Large two storey house in snow; wooden construction, painted. American colonial style. Single storey barns in snow, winter trees. Large two story wooden barn, immaculately painted brown with white detailing surrounded by deep snow. Horse drawn open carriage, occupants in 19th century clothes, slushy road, homes in snow. Green Field Village built by Henry Ford of Ford Motor Company fame as a nostalgic monument to American rural life. Large white wooden house, pillared entrance portico. Carriage passing away from camera down road, snow on either side . Winter trees. Close up of Canada geese settled on snow-covered field. Horse-drawn carriage at road junction in Greenfield Village. Horse shies (rears ?)up and stops. Close up of rabbits running away through snow.
Inside smelting works, sparks flying from an open furnace. Man in hard hat shovelling coke into a furnace. Explosion of liquid metal sparks across screen. Liquid, white hot metal pouring into a vat. White hot sparks. Title sequence imposed over smelting process. Bars of white hot steel rolling across a platform. External view of smelting works at Ford Motor Company's River Rouge plant. Chimneys, vents and steam. Bulk material conveyor, bucket opens and deposits its load. Molten ore pouring down a channel towards camera. Roll of steel exiting large forming press. Panel in grinding machine, turning, sparks fly. Man operating large suspended arc welder on production line. Unfinished car body shell being lowered from overhead conveyor, men place it upon production line conveyor. Engine being lowered into car chassis. Close up of wheel being placed on car. Front bumper being fitted. Bonnet being fitted. Front seat being placed behind steering wheel. Man closes bonnet on completed car. Close up of ignition key being turned. Ford car, probably a Falcon, being driven away from production line. View across River Rouge to the Ford factory, evening sky. Horse tethered outside blacksmith's barn, snow on ground. White hot horse shoe being shaped on anvil. Close up of blacksmith hitting show on anvil, horse shoes on far wall. Blacksmith turns from anvil with shoes in tongs towards furnace and cooling trough. Close up of shoe being dipped into cooling trough. Close up of man in woolly hat. Man using spoke shave to shape piece of wood. Metal ring being placed over wooden bucket formed from individual sections of wood, a cooper at work. Close up of yarn being spun. Woman operating spinning wheel, in period clothing. Turning large wooden spoked spinning wheel by hand. Woman standing back from wheel stretching yarn out. Close up of woman's face.

Etching of farm labourer with sickle bending over standing wheat. Etching of donkey drawn cart being filled with fruit from orchard. Etching of horse-drawn harvester, cutting wheat, labourers at work. Etched portrait of Thomas Jefferson at desk. Corn stooks in snow by barns. View through trees of countryside, fields and small trees in summer. Etching of women collecting a crop in sacks, probably tobacco. Etching of rural river scene, town on far bank. Looking up into rigging of large sailing vessel. Sky with clouds, gradually darkens. Painting of ships of the line, early 19th century, in battle, tattered British ensign on stern. Portrait of sailing ships in battle, some on fire. Series of close ups of painting. Painting of crew on deck of ship in battle. Etching of sailors in hand to hand combat. Close up of etching showing sailors in battle. Painting ships in battle, close up views. Black and white print of ships in battle on rough seas. Colour image of whole painting ships in battle. Images repeated rapidly with sound effects of battle and cannon fire. Close up of tattered royal ensign in painting. View of clouded sky brightening. Etching of Thomas Jefferson seated at desk. Portrait of port scene in early 19th century. Rusted chain on wooden quay. Bow of sailing ship at quayside. Old masted sailing ship bow facing camera moored at quay. Wooden warehouse and landing jetties. Close ups of masts and rigging. Etching of Samuel Slater. Etching of Richard Arkwright. Detail of etching of machine drawing. Red sky reflecting in open sea, pan up to evening sun. Detail of painting showing woman seated on deck of sailing ship. Drawing of cotton spinning machinery. Painting of sea front on Rhode Island, early 19th century. Details of drawings of cotton spinning machine. Painting of river scene, detail waterfall, factory on far bank. Cotton mill built in 1791 on Potomac river. Etchings of workings in cotton mill, film of modern mill, film of modern mill working superimposed on top. Close up of large white wooden house. Camera closes in on a single window. Enactment man in period costume in parlour of a large house supposedly Massachusetts 1813. Document being written by quill pen. Man in red velvet jacket writing said document, closing it, states "The Boston Manufacturing Company". Men seated in high backed chairs pour drinks from a decanter into glasses. Close ups of men in conversation. Toast proposed - men seen drinking. Close up of swirling river water. Men in period costume in conversation outside by the river. Their reflections in still water, reference to Francis Cabot Lovel (?) first modern factory, built in New England. Men strolling through wood. River torrent over weir, restored cotton mill on far bank, immaculate brick red with white detailing, domed bell tower.

Plan being unfurled and looked at by men in period costume. Close up of restores mill building. Close up of plan. Etching of cotton mill at work. Close up of enactment men in conversation over plan. Etching of cotton weaving machine. ( loom ?) Restored cotton mill amongst trees. Weir. Close up of waterfall. Weaving machine. Shuttle being adjusted. Man in 19th Century costume holding musket in drawing room. Long drapes, candle. Re-enactment of Ely Whitney's proposal to mass produce muskets. Close up of each man in discussion. Whitney's character working in small workshop, workbench, metal components being shaped and assembled by hand, superimposed imagery of character and product, making a musket with standardised components. Whitney's character seated in hallway outside large double hinged doors. Door opens. Footman beyond invites him in. Re-enactment of meeting with President Adams. Enters from decorative hallway carrying leather case, towards camera. Close up of men in period costume seated around polished table reading document. Close up of "Whitney". View of all men seated around table in discussion, put down plan and beckon towards camera. Close up of "Whitney". Men at desk. "Whitney" standing towards camera, red drapes, floral wallpaper. Close up into face of President Adams' character. Musket lock in hands. Musket lock placed on table. Close up of men around table. Musket components on green baize. Baize cloth and components on table. Seated men observe critically. Close up of "Whitney" speaking. Close up of "Adams". Musket lock. "Whitney" Musket lock. "Adams" "Whitney". Musket components on desk, part being assembled and operated. "Whitney". Musket lock assembly. Men observing. One stands up. Musket lock being assembled. "Whitney". Musket lock being assembled. "Adams" holding complete lock, two men either side, all lean back to observe finished product. "Whitney" smiling. "Adams" stands up and offers his hand, "Whitney" steps forward and shakes it, others gather round. "Whitney" close up. Men in discussion smiling. Men looking at musket lock assembly. Close up of man leaning forward. "Whitney". Lock being held and passed around. Group in discussion. Weaving loom. Close up of shuttle. Close up of loom in operation, shuttle passing through. Weaving loom in operation. Etching of looms in a factory. Painting of rolling countryside. Detail of painting, man with dog. Etching of 19th century crowd queuing by river, factory in background. Drawing of women seated in rows in large room, on far wall "Strive to Excel". Photograph of cotton milling machinery with young boy. Colour etching of mechanical weaving loom. Etching of woman operating machinery in mill. Colour etching of woman at machine making cotton yarn. Colour etching of man at mechanised loom. Etching of crowded mill workshop. Etching of crowded street scene, poor working class.

Drawing of harbour, New York City, ships buildings on far bank. Drawing of harbour front scene, ships at wharves, warehouses, goods on the dock. Drawing of crowded dock scene, moored steamers and sailing vessels. Busy streets, carriages and carts, pedestrians. Drawing of New York roof tops showing size of city. Poor boys sleeping rough among crates and straw. Drawings of poor labourers queuing with shovels in the snow. Water-colour painting, detail of a cart in rural setting. Drawing of factory workshop, mechanised sewing machines, leather goods. Drawing - woman operating machinery making possibly ribbon. Etching of large raft on river, loaded with horses, men working long poles to steer it. Painting of horse-drawn sled in snow passing over bridge in front of water mill. Fireworks exploding in night sky. Painting of port, large sailing vessels and early steamers in foreground, massed buildings in background. Detail of painting showing couples in late 19th century clothing. Formal, well-dressed - opening of Eyrie (?) Canal. Painting of man pouring water from bucket. Uniformed VIP's look on, late 19th century. Fireworks stills. Union Flag Painting details - joyous faces in crowd. Painting of canal, barge being pulled by team of horses in rural setting. Drawing of paddle steamer "Francis Skiddy". Drawing of paddle steamer "Isaac Newton". Painting of steamer "Iron Witch". Photograph of paddle steamer "Tishomingo". Modern film of vintage steam engine pulling freight train towards camera. Detail of steam engine, cab and bell. Freight wagon door slides open, porters remove chest. Detail of steam whistle. Details of coloured etchings of steam engines. Colour etching details, waterway and canal passing through hilly rural countryside. Details of etching city street scene, tall buildings narrow street, men in top hats, mid 19th century. Etching of factory buildings, smoking chimneys. Detail of etching showing man in garden looking down upon river and encroaching city.

Colour footage of cotton field. Large bonded warehouses facing on to waterway. Large white colonial mansion, decorative columns, garden with trees. Large warehouse, girder structure in foreground. Repeat of mansion. Brick factory looking up at bell tower structure built on ?? Detail of old factory, tall narrow windows, tall chimney, old factory frontage, looking up at window and large clock dial. View from behind cannon, Civil War Period, placed on raised ground overlooking rural valley. Images of factories repeated in fast succession. Colour "cartoon" graphics, factory outline, wagon loaded with bright coloured blocks representing goods from England. Details. Cartoon of character looking at plan, dresses in red frock coat, small smiling cartoon character enters and pushes cart into factory. Coloured crates disappear from cart and reappear in factory. Bright coloured cartoon of mechanised looms at work. Cartoon of Eli Whitney leaning on loom replacing component, image shakes and thread is drawn in mess over machine and character. Cartoon graphic of steam machinery, character pushes in cart of coal sacks. Six cartoon characters dressed in period costume. Cartoon showing transport networks, carts, canal, trains, ships,. Horse-drawn carriage approaching camera through wooden "box" bridge in snow, occupants in period costume. Close up of liquid ore entering vat. Men in protective clothing stoking furnace. Large vat sparks and smoke, white hot. Molten metal in ore works. End credits superimposed over picture of River Rouge Plant. End of film.

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