Film: 9757

Education | 1960 | Sound | Colour


English voice-over over spoken Swedish of characters. Sex education 1960's

Ingrid and her husband Eric on the beach. They walk in the sand dunes and hold hands. In the sea they splash one another. In bedroom Ingrid looks at her face in mirror. The telephones on unusual dial telephone. She walks through children's play area in park to doctor. He tells her she is pregnant. Pregnancy testing in a laboratory. Ingrid happily watches little naked girl and boy play in pond.
Diagrams of female and male bodies, periods, menstruation, hormonal activity, sperm creation, sexual intercourse. Eight-week old foetus. Magnified sperm.
Eric wakes Ingrid in morning. She looks unwell and has morning sickness. He brings her tea. She hides her face in her pillow, but then sits up with tea.

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