Film: 9761

Industry + Work | 1980 | Sound | Colour


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Building oil refinery 1980's

Mobil's River Thames oil refinery shown at sunrise. Conneton Refinery. Large tanks have 'Mobil' written on them. Titles 1 minute 10 seconds in.
Aerial shots of refinery. Have spent over £200 million on the refinery - Mobil's largest in Europe. Crocking complex. Close ups of 4 star pump, finger pushing button, the gauge returning to zero and a woman's hand removing the nozzle from the side of the pump. Gauge climbs. Motorways with cars and lorries. Demand for petrol rising. Large chimney at Conneton refinery. Construction in progress. Sinking piles. Man using pneumatic drill. Cement lorry.
Darlington factory where some of the large plant was made. Tracking shot along ceiling of factory as men work on de-icer ??? Wesser manufacturers. Heaving ?? Engineering in Cheltenham Works, the Graham manufactory making the shell of a heat exchanger. Man uses plane to smooth welded joint and creates lots of sparks.
Sudbury. Kobol engineering welding. Man in white coat examines parts. Gills in Pulborough made specialist parts.
Man working on making distillation bay. W. Lawrence in Basildon made heaters. In snowy conditions we see containers in yard as man walks by. Man in hard hat and overalls uses tape measure to check diameter of brick tube.
Construction site under snow and icicles. Pipes, ropes, covered in snow.
On River Thames, large tank towed by tug. On road, huge vessels pulled on trailers. Police escort. Man uses walkie- talkie. Heavy weight of plant. Aerial shot of tower apparently stuck at corner. Specialised cranes and vacuum column. Manoeuvring into position. Man climbs ladder on outside of 100m stack. M W Kellogg Contractor's drawing and scale model. Aerial of construction site. Workmen. Crane drivers. Welders. Men on a gantry on high chimney. Factory workers making small parts. Lines of colourful pipes. Llantrisant Foam Filters rolling line for coalescer cartridges. Manchester motor making. Drum twister at Sterling Cables, Reading. Thorpes in Birmingham making lamps Fluorescent light fittings spray painted. Industrial Control Services of Malden - electronic enunciators. G.E.C. Rugby. G.E.C. Kidgrove making integrated circuit boards. Loughborough's Brush Transformer tests electrics. Chloride in Manchester making back-up batteries. Redhill making control room. Analogue readouts for temperature indication. Two engineers look at plan in control room. Retraining men. Pan along model. Men look at model. Scaffolding surrounding new construction. Pipe cutting, welding. Working in vacuum column. Water used for cooling is cleaner when sent back into Thames. Hounslow Laboratories worked
Worked on this. Testing by scientists. Pollution checking. Wolfson lab in Southampton checks sound pollution. Man on site takes riser readings. Men in field tests noise. Fire fighting equipment. Central room in Spring 1982 as plant starts to work. Men check safety measures and shut off bypass. Closing shots of plant in the snow.

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