Film: 9767

Places + Locations | 1980 | Sound | Colour


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North Wales and Snowdonia 1980's

Aerials of Snowdonia looking bleak. Sun setting of Mountains of Snowdon. Aerial of the summit of Snowdon showing the old hotel at the top. Lakes and various peaks. From ground level, looking up at rocky sides of mountain. The Snowdon Mountain Railway locomotive steaming away up the hill and over viaduct near base of Snowdon at Llanberis. In a carriage of a different train, marked first class, a couple sit facing each other. Traffic on main road in countryside of Snowdonia – a low telephoto shot. Tourists walking with a collie dog on a lead on a path. A carpark attendant. Boy buying two 99 ice cream cornets with chocolate flakes from an ice cream van. Van has part of a Green Cross code safety campaign message visible under the window. Man rock climbing. Close up of feet and lower legs of three men and a woman as they walk in walking boots on a path. Men wear long grey socks. Nature Conservancy Council warden driving a small green escort van. He parks in car-park. He gets out of van. Man looks upwards with a pair of binoculars. Nant Ffrancon pass, man walking up a gully. He has a small pack on his back. Near lake half way up mountainside, man stops and sits on boulder to admire the view. Views of tarn and cwm. Flat rocks which have been gouged and scored. Pan from a prettily wooded hillside down into valley bottom. A shepherd and couple of men plus four collie sheep dogs walk after flock of 15 or 20 sheep up valley. Sheep run over a low broken down dry-stone wall. Shepherd talks in Welsh as he leans on crook, holds his pipe and wears green waterproofs and a flat cap. From across valley we see shepherd and sheep walking along old straight drove road.
General views of a small Snowdonian town. Man talks to elderly woman. A woman pushes a child in a pushchair. Portmeirion, the Italianate creation of Clough Williams Ellis. An aerial shot of a mountaintop with prehistoric hut circle foundations within a boundary wall. Roman ruins above Caernarfon. The foundations of a barrack room. Man panning for gold – nice sequence – he finds two good sized nuggets of gold. Various shots inside one of the large Norman castles of North Wales, possible Caernarfon Castle. Man walks up external stone staircase of small Welsh castle, which was not much more than a reinforced home. He looks around the ruined interior of the tower. The castle in its setting next to lake. Close up of anorak wearing tourists taking a photograph. They watch a demonstration of slate splitting - how times change - by this date the man providing the demonstration wears a face mask to protect himself from the slate stone dust. Selection of Victorian still photographs of slate miners. A quarried mountain. Derelict ex-mine buildings. Good close up shots of alpine flowers. A ladybird with wings outstretched on flower bud. A mouse, vole or shrew pokes nose out from under a stone a takes a ripe blackberry. A weasel or stoat running through grass. A billy goat on a mountain top. Cormorant or shag on a cliff face. Sustained shot of a cormorant flying in to land. Stills of nineteenth century oil paintings of Snowdonia. Film of a modern artist on a hill top painting. The picture of the mountain of Snowdon. Snowdon and Crib Goch. A quarried mountain. Tourists getting into back of a Transit van. Tourists are driven into tunnel into mountain by the CEGB. Very modern electricity generating machinery. This is Dinorwic generating station. People wearing yellow hard hats question female presenter. Man walks along rocky shore of newly constructed reservoir. He squats down and throws rock into water. Development of a stream from a trickle through several stages of stream to river and bigger river. Aerials of nuclear power station near lake. This may well be Trawsfynydd. Cars entering and leaving plant. Very attractive countryside near Cader Idris. People canoeing on Lake Bala. One person splashes another. Play. Man training two girls in dinghy boat. Close-up view from side as man in hard hat climbs a rock face. Other shots of rock climbing. The slowly climbing Snowdon rack and pinion mountain railway. View inside carriage of passengers looking all around them. The climbing steaming train. Looking down on a ridge with a footpath on it. Train overtakes walker with small backpack. People get out of train. One woman carries a King Charles II spaniel. People climbing last hundred feet to the summit. Large number of people congregated round summit marker. Man walks and stops to survey view.

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