Film: 9768

Feature Drama | 1930 | Silent | B/W


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A fairy tale or nursery story 1930's

The sun woke Lieselottchen (=children's name)'.
Lieselottchen, waking up. Her grandmother in a chair next to her, sleeping. Lieselottchen jumps out of the bed and looks in a case: empty. She leaves the room. Outside. The girl rubs her face, then chases sun glitterings on the ground. On the street. She rubs her face. Continues the chase. Glitterings in the grass. In a field, the girl chasing about. Picking a flower. The flower, with a dew-drop. The girl with the flower. 'Lieselottchen wanted to put the dew-drop into a box to take it home. But then she noticed something.'
The girl puts the drop in a box and sees an elf in the drop. The girl puts the drop in the grass, a diamond appears. The girl takes it, looks at it. Inside there are elves dancing. She looks through. In the field the elves are dancing. 'Lieselottchen wanted to dance, too.' She dances badly so , after a while the elves disappear. Appear again. In the grass there are some ballet shoes. The girl puts them on and dances like the elves… Elves dance around a tree. The girl in the woods. Suddenly elves dance around her. The girl and three elves, she recognizes the elf of the dew-drop. They dance. Winged elves. An elf queen. Dancing. The girl removes a brooch from the elf queen' dress. Suddenly she is alone. She walks back to the village, stumbles over the feet of a baker. He wants to swap lots of bread for the brooch. The girl agrees. Carries baskets of bread and cake. The cakes fall to the ground and move along the street. The baker and his wife. He shows the brooch to her… that suddenly is a potato. His wife pours dough on his head. They argue. The baker leaves, flour flies after him. He runs after his bread, jumps for it. It disappears. The girl with the rest of the bread in the house. The grandma is happy about it, wants to bite into a pretzel, it disappears. They are frightened. The bread moves around on table and floor. The girl follows. Outside… suddenly the bread turns into two pigs. 'Lieselottchen wanted to go to the elves again and get more jewellery to buy something for her granny.' She goes to the woods. Elves dancing. She puts on her shoes, dances… but the elves don't join her. She watches them, hiding behind a tree. In the grass, there is a crown. The girl takes it, runs away. After a while the elves notice the theft. They look around, then vanish. In the village. The girl buys a lot of food with the crown (at the butcher's). The butcher's wife is happy about the crown. The girl in front of the house with the basket full of sausages, meat etc. 'The elves became angry and punished the cheeky child.' Meat and sausages disappear. The girl with the empty basket looks around, then jumps around in pain, the elves rushing through her. In the woods. Elves grab the girl and dance her to the queen. Queen: 'Why did you steal brooch and crown?' Child: 'Hunger.' Queen: 'You have to give back the shoes and mustn't dance with us again.' The girl gives back the shoes and leads the elves to the butcher's wife, taking the crown (she's sleeping), replacing it by a pig's mask. The elves with the crown disappear. Children come, laugh and throw pebbles at the woman. She wakes up and takes off the mask. The girl in front of her house, sad. 'The elves were friendly again and gave to Lieselottchen…' The girl with bread and sausage. She brings it to the happy grandmother. They eat. Bread and sausage on the table grow back again… Grandma, happy, cuts more slices. They eat. Look at bread and sausage, excited. They grow back again. Grandma and Lieselottchen, happy. 'Now the poverty had an ----'.

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