Film: 9771

Entertainment + Leisure | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Holidays for the French Canadians. Great blizzard, bad weather. Holiday in America, USA 1940s

Blizzard blowing in New York or Canadian city, people on streets with a lot of snow. Thoughts turn to summer.
Three young women running and throwing themselves into the sea, scene shifts again to city and wind blowing on snowy city. Then shots of spring scene in the park with blossom on the trees and young girl feeding the birds.

Interior of office with many women typing, one woman listening to dictaphone takes the earphones off. She starts to think about what she'd rather be doing. Shots of ladies playing golf and then back to the office.
Geography class with young children looking at blackboard with map on it and teacher using stick to point at places. Young boy talks to his friend at desk next to him and then we see boy playing baseball and caught out. The same 2 boys still talking to one another and then school is out and hundreds of children pour from school with parents waiting outside.

2 minutes in young woman looking through travel brochures, lying on bed and voice says all the things that have to be done before going on holiday. Buying new clothes. Putting note into milk bottles on step. A sign is put in shop window saying it is closed due to vacation. Suitcase being packed car being filled with petrol. A train travelling through the night, and comes through the tunnel in daylight. Train driver in action, the train pulls into a station with children and parents milling on platform. Sign says Camp Lanakila. Boy looks out of his tent in dressing gown, others run to chalet that is bathroom to clean their teeth. Another is turning tap on boys head in the sink and another boy brushing his hair. Chores such as sweeping forecourt and collecting hay.
Boys riding on top of hay on horse and cart. Some boys waving on minature steam train and others play tennis and baseball. Boys in touch with nature, hiking and in canoes. The boys dive into a lake and start swimming. Then large waves at seaside with people playing in the surf. Shots of people lying on sand, especially women sunbathing. Boys run into sea and then surf back on large waves. Dinghies sailing on ocean and man fishing from boat with pelican landing in the water. Man pulls in a large fish. Tranquil scene of men fising in lakes near mountains, lovely waterfall and more shots of men and women fishing. One woman helps friend remove water from her large boots.Man catching trout in river.
Men and women practising archery and then playing golf (v/o Americans love to play golf) looks like Florida. They are passionate about horse riding, seen riding in forests and dunes, like the Wild West. People getting off trains to spend their holidays on a ranch, they spend their time on horses and practice on 'bucking bronco' a barrel suspended over water. First man tries and falls in and then woman. Horses and cowboys like OK Corrall, men saddling up horses. The horsemen and women then travel through the countryside, they see some bison and then camp for the night.
Men and women hiking in American countryside, climbing up rocks. Car pulling caravan with boat on car roof. Inside the caravan two couples sit and have drinks.
Car and caravan on road in lovely countryside. Freeway with lots of traffic and cut back to countryside and hills. Greyhound bus on empty road with mountains in background. Small passenger plane at airport, strange looking open topped vehicle on streets. General shots Montreal with buildings in background. Closer shot of clock
tower and cathedral? Cruise ship at sea and people on board in swimming pool. Women sunbathing, sitting on deck chairs reading. People playing deck tennis, golf, table tennis, curling? Archery and shooting.
Women sightseeing on Pacific coast, in horse drawn carriage, eating at restaurant by sea, train running down to Mexico. Mexican peasants and donkeys and tourists at market. On coast at Acapulco, men diving into sea from rocks, women watching.
Tourists on Mexican beach. Man with woman on canoe and others on speed boat. Shot of beach with umbrellas and then same shot on postcard man is holding.
American coastal resort with fairground where people spending their holidays. Man barbecuing sausages in his garden, large party of people queing up for food. Young children on bikes on housing estate and then youn men and women on bikes going out into the countryside. Various sporting competitions including tennis, baseball and polo.
Various shots of trees with leaves falling off. Autumn.
Children returning to school, young boy ringing the bell and young children coming into school. Women in the office, typing. Blizzards in the city, policeman trying to direct traffic and people battling against the snow. Last shot is of beach in Mexico.

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