Film: 9772

Social History | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Married couples and Housewives. How can they be more efficient ? 1950's

Just how do you feed the husband and get all those endless household tasks finished - perhaps a redesigned kitchen would help ?1950's

Bells ringing. A crowd gathers to watch a bride and groom coming out of a church after their wedding. They approach a waiting horse and carriage and get in. A group of boys stop building a snowman to gather with the crowds and watch. The snowman looks around the corner and smiles. The happy couple drive off on honeymoon. The mother of the bride wipes away a tear. But it's not all happy ever after.

A woman is bathing a baby. In another household a man smashes a bowl and storms off leaving his wife in tears. Stormy skies. Two wives washing the dishes in different homes. A menacing stuffed owl looks down, which fades into a menacing scientist measuring the distance a housewife walks, using a machine strapped to her leg. There follows an animated section illustrating that the average housewife walks more than two and a half times around the earth in a life time. Battered and tired looking feet. Know wonder she's exhausted ! A group of women are looking around a gallery at paintings of women in the home hundreds of years ago. A housewife rushes around her kitchen trying to work fast, dropping pans, cloths, milk. A chef is in a kitchen frying pancakes, he doesn’t hurry, his time is organized, he drains beans, cuts meat, all in a small amount of space. The housewife looks on, bewildered. A young housewife prepares a meal, the bowls and pans are near to the stove, nothing is out of reach. The cupboards and kitchen items are arranged so as to be more efficient. It is demonstrated how much time is wasted moving around a kitchen table situated in the middle of the room. Casters are added to the legs of the table so that it can be moved to whichever position is suitable. Now the routes to the sink and cupboards are direct and energy saving. Washing up is much easier, as is cooking and serving. A second housewife looks longingly at a picture of the perfect kitchen. She walks around her kitchen from one place to another, wasting time and energy. She decides on a new kitchen. Carpenters are working on the units. The housewife measures up her kitchen and looks over plans. She cuts the legs of the chairs shorter and raises the height of the table by adding small wooden blocks. She cleans and paints her kitchen units and tidies away all her household items. She has taken an old table and modified it so that everything she should need will be at hand. She demonstrates this to her mother, who is impressed. Months later, the whole kitchen is finished and energy efficient. The food is near the surfaces, pots and jars are all within reach, the bread and bread-board appear when a drawer is opened, and for easy transportation, some drawers have a handle built into the top, all within a single dresser. An old cupboard opens up in two so that twice as many items can be stored in it, and everything is just where you would need it, hanging on hooks. The woman's mother looks on, impressed, and her husband comes home and marvels at her imagination. Another housewife comes home and looks around her messy and un-efficient kitchen worriedly. The housewife with the new kitchen sits with her husband at the kitchen table, they look around, proud of their achievements. The new kitchen is a success.

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