Film: 9775

Places + Locations | 1960 | Silent | Colour


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Guernsey, Channel Islands In 1968

1968 Amateur home movie of Guernsey that repetitively covers the harbour and seafront of St. Peter Port. Also features 'Ronnie Ronaldes Hotel' in St. Martins, but no more of the island.

View from ferry (unnamed and unidentified) as she sails into Guernsey harbour. View of St. Sampsons coastline from ferry. Cranes on the docks of the White Rock, from ferry as it sails past. Large wooden dinghy with two men towing rope of ferry? Pan left across view of St. Peter Port and harbour from ferry. Crane on White Rock as ferry docks behind ferry already moored against dock. Large wooden dinghy hands over tow rope and dockers pull rope.

People sitting on benches along South Esplanade as cars pass behind and buses parked on other side of road. People crossing road at zebra crossing. The quay at bottom of Church Hill and Cornet Street, with the Town Church to left of picture. Cars with Guernsey number plates stop for pedestrians crossing. View as cars travel along the quay with Albion House and the department store 'Creasey's ' in background. View from the pavement on the quay looking towards Victoria crown pier with the harbour to the right of the picture. Cars travel along the road and people sitting on benches along the quay.

Pier steps as restaurant worker comes out of building and walks up steps carrying metal tray. Pier steps as people walk down. Sign on white painted wall, reading North Pier Steps. View along road towards St. Julian's pier. View down the quay towards Albert pier, as traffic and people pass along. View up The Pollet (a street) as police constable in helmet and short- sleeved shirt talks to man. Street is full of people. Policeman strolls over to driver in white Volkswagen Beetle, who is attempting to drive down street. Moore's Hotel to right of picture.

Opposite view down the Pollet (street) with shop called 'Machon's' to right of picture. View further up the Pollet towards the High Street. Lots of people looking in shop windows or walking along cobbled street. Opposite view down street. View from further up the Pollet looking in the direction of La Tourgard Street. View from bottom of Smith Street looking up hill. Still lots of people about. Sign reading 'Smith Street', with French translation 'La Rue des Forges' underneath. View down a very crowded High Street towards the Town Church seen at the bottom of the hill. View from halfway down the High Street looking back up towards the Lloyds Bank building and the bottom of Smith Street. Shoppers walking through the Arcade with bakery 'Maison Carre' seen in background. View of the bottom of the High Street with the Town Church straight ahead and the shop 'Le lievres' to the left of the picture. View of the corner with the Town Church and Quay Street. A yellow Guernsey telephone box can be seen to the left of the picture. Old woman sitting on bench next to yellow telephone box. Shops at bottom of High Street including 'A.W. Collenette and Son'.

Shops in Church Square. View across road of Albert Pier and Albert Statue. Cranes on White Rock Pier across harbour. Stern of Sealink ferry moored at dockside. View across harbour, full of small boats and yachts, of St. Peter Port. View across harbour of St.Peter Port with Town Church to right of picture. View across model yacht pond on Castle pier to brewery (large white building) in background and the bottom of the Val de Terres. View across model yacht pond to concrete German bunker and hillside behind. White structure (unidentified) amongst trees on hillside.

Small boat manoeuvres in harbour. Men climb up ladder on harbour wall. Sealink ferry docked as crane lifts loads onto stern of ship. Harbour full of small boats. Cars parked on Castle pier. Boats in harbour. Low tide in harbour with small boats moored to pier above. View from Castle pier of Castle Cornet; sun glistening on the sea. Coastline of Les Terres Point sticking out into sea. View of La Vallette (road) and concrete structures near the aquarium. View across Havelet bay of Brewery and bottom of the Val de Terres. View from parked cars on Castle pier to houses and buildings of St. Peter Port in background.

Two small boys in shorts and sandals, one wearing a sailor's hat, play on shipway. Boy without hat, with fishing rod as other boy looks on. Boy casts off into sea water in harbour as watched by man smoking pipe. Float attached to line bobbing in oily looking water. Sealink ferry sailing backwards in open water just outside harbour as watched by people on pier. Ferry as she starts to turn. Small boat motors slowly through the boats in harbour. Ferry sails forward away from the island; Herm and Sark islands seen in background. Small wooden dinghy towing another dinghy through boats moored in harbour. Boy fishing off shipway.

Stern of Sealink ferry 'La Duchesse de Bretagne- Jersey' docked at Guernsey harbour. Very poor quality dissolve to nearly the same shot. Group of men talking on dockside. Ferry sails backwards through harbour as small boats pass. Further shots of ferry's progress backwards out of harbour. Crude fade- in to ferry sailing away into the open sea. Forwards. Harbour mouth as small boat passes. Other small boats head out to sea from harbour. More small boats out of harbour mouth to sea. Two women in rowing boat as man in middle rows. Three boys in rowing boat row amongst moored boats in harbour. Man driving small speed boat through boats. Large pleasure motor cruiser named 'Vantour' sails through boats, with two women on sun loungers on stern deck.

More boats sailing in harbour. Small 'Condor' ferry at dockside. Crude dissolve to another unnamed ferry company ferry at dockside. Ferry has blue funnel with what appears to be a yellow lion on it. Dissolve to people tending small sailing dinghies in car park/ boatyard on Castle pier.

People looking out to sea from base of White Rock Lighthouse. Pan right across buildings of Castle Cormet. Flag on flagpole on Castle Cornet. Sign at gateway of building reads 'Ronnie Ronaldes Hotel'. Cars parked in hotel grounds. Close-up of windows of hotel. Hotel car park with hotel in background. Entrance to hotel has name of hotel in letters on top of ground floor roof and also letters 'St. Martins', which reveals that the hotel is in St. Martin parish. Patio area in front of hotel with sun umbrellas visible behind low wall. View of hotel car park and gardens from first floor behind letters on roof. View across garden, with clothes on clothes line and trees to sea in distance, possibly from hotel (?). Small courtyard, again possibly from the hotel. Hotel swimming pool. Two boys jumping in and out of pool. Three small boys and man playing on small golf course. This has the feeling of a home movie.

View from large boat of small boat sailing past south coastline of England(?)- Not Guernsey. View of starboard side of bow as it travels through water. View from bow of ship as it approaches unidentified land, probably England. View from port side looking astern to wash. Small sailing ships. Lights on coastline- 'The End'.

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