Film: 9777

Places + Locations | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Close up of a map of the Western Highlands of Scotland 1970's

West of Fort William Argyle and Ardnamurchan hard against the ocean and the isles. Dreamy shots of misty hills and mountains. The first young birds burn in spring. In this case rooks or ravens in their nest. Sea cocks. Roe deer, buck and doe. Otter swimming in the spring water of the North Atlantic drift. Herons flying and in their nests. A grey crow removes an egg from a nest. Ringed clover bird. Oyster catcher. Eider duck nest. Sandpiper. Red start. Stone chaff. Buzzard and young in nest. Snipe bird. Scottish Wildcat similar to a tabby. Waterfall. Dipper bird. Flying oyster catchers. Eider ducks floating on the surface of the water. Young Mallard chicks accompanied by their mother. A fox prowls around. It catches it's prey of rabbit. High summer. Bob Cotton blows in the wind. Torment Till flower. Marsh Orchid. Flesh eating flowers. Sunview and Butterwort. Marsh Moth Caterpillar. Spiders on a web. Red throated divers. Golden Eagle. Osprey, diving into a loch and flying off to its nest with a heavy burden of pike. Ptarmigan. Rutting stags. Two stags fight. Very good scenic shots of Highlands of Scotland.

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