Film: 9778

Animation | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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History of England told through the stamps of the Royal Post, starting from the Norman Conquest. Animated. 1979s

Animated like the Bayeaux tapestry, soldiers in boats, they lift their spears towards each other. Battle scenes, soldiers hack at each other, archers shoot their arrows. One of the pictures of a soldier catching a arrow in his eye turns into the battle of Hastings 1066 stamp for 4 pence. It is surrounded by other stamps.
Zoom in on one stamp of Harlech castle. The actual castle, a Norman built building on a hill over looking the rest of the landscape. Various views of the castle.
A glowing animated angel. A stamp of York Minster, then of Durham Cathedral and then Canterbury Cathedral. Stained glass windows of Canterbury Cathedral. Various shots of the Cathedral. Drawing of original Parliament buildings to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the Parliament, with head of Queen Elizabeth II on the same stamp. The stamp becomes animated. The waters of the Thames turns colour. Animated a ship out at sea, a sailing ship, various sailing ships with a number of masts and sails. Stamp of Queen Elizabeth on the globe. Another stamp of Puritans and the Mayflower. A stamp commemorating James Cook's first voyage of discovery. And the Cutty Sark ship. Stamp commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Trade Union Congress, 1868- 1968. Emmiline Pankhurst, on Votes for Women stamp 1918-1968. Animated plane flying towards us, Stamp for the Battle of Britain 1940. Series of Battle of Britain stamps all with silhouettes of planes. Drawing of Churchill over St. Pauls Cathedral. A ruined church, over it a British flag. The flags of the countries of the North Atlantic treaty organisation 1949-1969 on a stamp. The United Nations stamp.
General views the lake district. A bubbling steam through a meadow. A drawing of Astrim valley. The Cairngorms with its stamp in the top right hand corner. A Sussex landscape. Close-ups of very bright flowers. Stamp for the International Botanical Congress. A water lily. Ducks in the water lilies. A blue tit. A robin. Black-headed gulls. A black bird drinks. A quaint Elizabethan town, curiously void of people. Four stamps of different types of thatch. A man paints in a field. A John Constable ? Painting. A painting of horses by Stubbs . Woodcuts and etchings of lower class London in Georgian times. Painting of a factory by Lowry. Portrait of Robert Burns. Home of Robert Burns. Coastline of Scotland. Man in the hills of the lake district. A copy of Oliver Twist. Charles Dickens stamps. Stamp for the Shakespeare festival. Romeo and Juliet, a midsummer nights dream. Henry V?
Big Ben, and Houses of Parliament, Westminster Bridge, the embankment, BBC radio Tower. Aerial view of a motorway, possibly the M1. The M4 Viaduct 196? A cunard ocean liner at sea from a plane. The Forth Road Bridge stamp. A power generation station. Tall electrical pylons. A giant satellite dish. A large telescope, both stamps. Florence Nightingale stamp. Lister centenary Antiseptic Surgery stamp. Penicillin stamp. A scientist looks at mould in petri dishes at a laboratory desk.
A bi-plane flying over the English countryside. The first non-stop Atlantic flight, Alcock and Brown stamp. 14-15 June 1919. A radar machine turns around, it is quite large and wide. A radar stamp. The jet engine stamp. A jet airplane taxis on the runway. The hovercraft slides itself into the water. Jaguar automobile stamp? Concorde stamp. Concorde landing on a lit up runway, trailing black smoke behind it.

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