Film: 9780

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Short Films from 1945:
News from Yugoslavia
Ruins of Berlin;
USS Franklin;
Allied Control Council, Berlin;
Russians in Berlin;
King & Queen visit Channel Islands;
Dante's Derby

Title Card: Yugoslavian News - Scenes in Trieste - Tito's parade
Aerial views of Trieste. People gather in square, Tanks in the streets. Partisan soldiers mingle in the streets with civilians. Yugoslav Army soldier (JNA) on guard: rifle, binoculars, grenade, pouch. Armed Partisan arm-in-arm with pretty young woman in dress. Unarmed British servicemen (Royal Navy), dressed in white shorts and short-sleeved shirts stroll passed armed Partisans. Large cheerful crowd of civilians in square. Belgrade: military parade to commemorate 1st May. March-past for Marshal Tito, who stands on podium with foreign dignataries including British, American and Russian Ambassadors; behind them the flags of the Allies. Tito salutes the Army.

Title: The Ruins of Berlin
Early May, a cold day. Convoys of horse-drawn covered wagons and Red Army vehicles. The city is half-destroyed, buildings continue to burn, mountains of rubble; signs of warfare everywhere. Men clearing debris from the streets with shovels. Fallen signpost reveals the name: Unter den Linden. Orderlies on dstroyed road carrying stretcher. Berlin's 'Whitehall' district ruined; a lone horse stands by an empty cart. A person wrapped in a blanket against the weather passes. A scene of ruins thick with mist. In the ruins of a building a portrait of Hitler remains on one wall. A fallen column, sections fallen in a heap, and behind, the Reichstag. Burnt-out vehicles before the Brandenberg Gates. A line of soldiers, closer two soldiers of the Red Army, a man and a woman. Close up of the woman, smiling, a rifle slung across her shoulder.

Title Card: The Epic of the U.S.S. Franklin
A line of aircraft on the deck of the Franklin. An aircraft taxis down the runway and lifts off. View of the aircraft carrier from an aircraft. I/V Captain Gareth (?). Franklin burning after direct hits from a Japanese bomber. Firefighters on deck. Great palls of smoke and further explosions. Crew weilding huge hoses. Medics tend the wounded, a padre, Father O'Callaghan, offers a prayer above an injured man. Other vessels in the waters around Franklin. Men leap from her decks to safety, despite the swell. One man jumps into the water, another is pulled to safety with a rope. Men are picked up from a life-raft. Map depicting Franklin's return route: Japan, Guam, Hawaii, Panama Canal and New York. Arrival of USS Franklin in New York. Statue of Liberty visible through wreckage on Franklin. Ship's prow head-on. U.S. flag.

Title: Allies control council in Berlin.
Montgomery arriving at Templehof airfield. Steps off aircraft. Group of Red Army officers taking his photograph. Montgomery shakes hands with Red Army office. Stands amidst a group of officers. A.T.F. (women soldiers) talk, all smiles with two female Red Army soldiers. British girl fingers Russian’s medals. Montgomery and escort cross airfield; Allied flags in the foreground. Monty inspects Russian guard of honour. Marshal Zhukov’s ( Soviet commander Germany) men return salute. Russian march past. Monty takes salute.
At Zhukov’s residence, the Yacht Club at Wendenschloss, Zhukov arriving for conference to agree Allied Control Council for fixing of Zones. Montgomery arrives with United States General (Supreme Allied Commander in West) Eisenhower. Marshal Zhukov addresses delegates. Signatories for the French: Du Lattier de Tassigny Commander French 1st Army, Eisenhower, Montgomery and Sir William Strang.

Title: Their Majesties Visit "Our Dear Islands"
HMS Jamaica destroyer escort. King and Queen of England on ship’s deck in conversation with Captain and senior crew. Waving crowds. King George disembarks at Albert Pier, St Helier Castle, Jersey. Queen Elizabeth shakes hands with ranking crew. Walkabout. Cheering crowds. Open topped car. Good close up of Queen Mother from car. Motor cavalcade / escort. Cheering crowds. Banner ‘Long live the king and Queen’ in street. Jersey airport. Large crowds, soldiers at attention. King and Queen board aircraft. Aerial views of Guernsey. RAF aircraft landing at Guernsey Airport. Official welcoming party. Welcomed by Bailiff Mr Victor Carey. Candly Park. Crowds of schoolchildren. Three small girls present bouquets to her Majesty from Guernsey, Alderney and Sark.
Title: Dante’s Derby.

Traffic jam on road to Epsom. Several cars broken down. Huge crowds at the racetrack. Horses being led around the paddock. Bookmakers’ odds. War veterans. American servicemen. King and Queen and Princes Elizabeth in uniform. Jockeys helped on to horses. Riding in the approaches. Official board showing riders and horses. Race starter climbs ladder. Horses released - they’re off! Highlights of the race. Eric Olsen leads his horse Dante into the winner’s enclosure. King George VIth shakes the winning jockey’s hand.

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