Film: 9782

Personalities | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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About great Hollywood film stars, mixes documentary and feature film footage 1960's

Marlene Dietrich, clips and voting, wearing her customary trousers. Smoking while wearing a large hat. On stage. Cary Grant laying hands in cement at Graumanns Theatre and signing an autograph for Elizabeth Taylor when she was young. Joan Crawford extracts from features. John Wayne extracts. Bette Davis extracts.
Clark Gable at 'Gone With The Wind' premiere and feature extracts. Marilyn Monroe with Joe Dimaggio. Marilyn in the back of a car at a parade. Kicking a football in a stadium. At premieres. Signing an autograph. Mobbed by fans and photographers. A press conference where she can barely speak and bursts into tears. Another interview with the press where she is more bubbly. Monroe with Arthur Miller, tussles with paparazzi. Monroe mobbed again by the press. She leans against a wall under the glare of the lights and tries to hide her face, looks distraught.
Judy Garland film extract. Montage of various stars; Elvis Presley gets in a car, Pat Boone, Audrey Hepburn and Mel Ferrer wave to fans. Laurence Harvey at dinner, Burt Lancaster signs an autograph, Frank Sinatra in a hat, Debbie Reynolds poses for photographers. More feature clips.
Final Henry Fonda piece to camera.

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