Film: 9784

Social History | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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DIY or interior design in the home 1970's

Close-up of calendar. Window from indoor. It is raining. Young lady leant against it watching the rain with boredom. A guy is reading a book next to her. He is sat on an armchair. Girl is called from another room and leaves the living room. Girl talking to her mother. A washing machine between them. The mother goes to the living room and asks her son something. Then, she leaves the room. The guy is yawning, then, he stands up to join his sister. They are both in the kitchen trying to find out what is wrong with the washing machine which seems to be broken. The guy comes back to the living room and starts reading a comic strip (Asterix) when he is interrupted again by his sister. Close-up of her hand writing a note. Someone rings at the door, the guy goes to answer. He comes back to the kitchen with a young man who comes to see the young lady. They talk to each other for a moment, then leave the flat. All together.

House from outside. Man in doing D.I.Y. (do-it-yourself) jobs. The three teenagers come in the man's works hop. He explains them what he is doing at the moment. One of the guys picks up a hammer and drop it on his feet by mistake. Man talking through an intercom. Telephone rings and the man picks it up. Woman talks on the phone, then they all go upstairs to have lunch. Sit at a table, they help themselves with the food and wine. In the kitchen, the hostess finish preparing the meal, then goes back to the dining room with it. Close-up of meringues.

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