Film: 9787

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Dormobile van crosses European stone bridge. Lorry crosses bridge of modern construction 1970's

Indian Cameroon bullock cart. Scottish shepherd with flock on hillside. Sicilian family watch as daughter carried out of home on stretcher. Parents bend down and kiss her as attendants take her away.
Concerned villagers. Woman crosses herself. Italian surgical theatre. Anaesthetist has huge red cross on her chest. Girl leaves hospital and says goodbye to nurses. Car transporter in England. Motorway. Chrysler car plant in Coventry. Cars pass into electro-coating plant of undercoat. Sikh worker in factory. I.C.I men in white coats. Car emerges from paint dip. Cars travel round bend of track and through water splash. Indian dhobi wallah washes clothes on stones on river bank. Children jump into river in Tamil Nadu in Southern India. Bullocks plough rice paddies. Men work with hand tools on land. Indian I.C.I. employee introduces farmers to new herbicide called Remoxone. Three boys spray herbicide as they work in field. Dead weeds in paddy field being ploughed into mud with primitive machinery. Women transplant young seedlings straight into paddy field. Use of sickle to cut rice. Threshing rice. Farmer drives bullock cart over bridge.
Ship passing under raised bridge in Rosenburg, Holland. Then uses fork lift truck. Lorry passes with goods labelled I.C.I. on side. It travels along dyke. Rhine castle. Traffic on bridge in German town. Church on islet in Rhine. Oestringen and Offenbach plants where Dutch polymer is converted into fibre.
Bridge into Alsace, France and another I.C.I. factory. Rolls of cloth being dyed by polychromatic processes. Huge industrial smoky site. Rolls of dyed material passing. Babbling brook. Sheep cross old Scottish stone bridge with shepherd and collie dogs. I.C.I. development officer visits farmer in his Land Rover, goes up grassy lane and through ford. Shepherd sorts sheep by old method of sending them along chute and opening and closing doors. Vet changes into ICI white coat. He injects sheep. Sheep run across bridge.
Car travels to camera through heat haze throwing dust clouds about. Western Australia. Mount Goldsworthy is being mined for iron ore. Open cast. I.C.I. sappy "Nitropril" explosive in bogs. Mixing blasting agents. Slot hole filled with explosive. Connecting holes with line for blasting. Taping safety fuse. Raising red flag prior to blasting, lighting fuse, man runs to van and drives off. Close up burning fuse. Focus watching. Large explosion. Dust clouds. Shovelling ore with big buckets into larger lorries. Tipper lorry reverses and empties load. Conveyor belt. Line of railway trucks. Train in heat haze and crossing trestle bridge. I.C.I. industrial plant in Australia at Bohry Bay.
Historical reconstruction of Jamestown, U.S.A., where first English settlers landed. Ship, with man on crow's nest. Hoisting union flag. Soldier in pikeman's uniform carry cannon shot home in Jamestown settlement of thatched houses. I.C.I. plant near Jamestown, Virginia. Lorry crosses long trestle bridge. Polaroid film manufactured here and used in instant colour transparencies. Lifting roll of Polyester film. Polaroid manufacturing system - women work on production line. Machinery. Man in crowd at baseball game takes picture. Footage of instant colour pictures in split screen. I.C.I. tanker crossing suspension bridge over the River Severn.

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