Film: 9789

Places + Locations | 1980 | Sound | Colour


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A film about the contemporary situation in the Middle east, focusing particularly on Lebanon, and the different cultural and religious groups that live there 1980's

Film opens in Lebanon. A map of Lebanon is shown, together with a population breakdown, there follows a religious breakdown of the population. An expert from Lebanon speaks, he has a thick moustache and an extremely impressive mono-brow. It is explained that the problems in the middle-east stem largely from the question of 'identity'. Inside a bazaar or market in Lebanon, a young man takes tea from a vendor. Some wide angle shots of tower blocks and high rise buildings in Lebanon, with a main road in the foreground. The man explains about Lebanon as a pluralistic society made up of many religious and ethnic groups. "Lebanon is probably the most complex of all the middle eastern countries".

Christians holding a wooden cross in a narrow street. There are Jews in black hats and coats with braided hair praying in their typical 'rocking' motion. "There is a population explosion in the middle east" Shots of Cairo, urban street, with many cars and pedestrians. "Over one half of middle easterners are under 18 years old". Children are shown chanting at school. Shots of Arabs on camels, wearing head-dresses. An explanation as to why Israel has always defeated the Arabs in battle is given, and a map shows how disparate the Arab tribes are, and how they are very spread out over a large area. Some nice shots of Berbers and Kurds in traditional dress. Shots of the effect of westernism on the middle east, neon signs and consumer goods are shown for sale in markets. Girls on beach in Israel are shown, then young people in a disco in Istanbul. Arabs in traditional gowns and headgear are shown studying books in a library. A young priest carries incense in an Orthodox church whilst men in long black robes sing. Muslims in white flock outside a construction surrounded by black material, probably Mecca (who catalogued this?) as someone speaks in Arabic through a loudspeaker.

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