Film: 979

Personalities | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Many stars of the silent screen and early talkie era watching polo. watching cricket or attending a film premiere 1930's

Intertitle: Bill Lipscombe - scenario writer, spends most of his spare time on his ranch.
Cut to grainy shot of Lipscombe in a vineyard (?) tending to a bush.
Intertitle: John Collier the author has made himself comfortable with his wife on the Vanderslip Ranch House with its 12000 acres. John Collier and his wife walk happily along a treelined path - long shot shows depth and size of ranch. The approach a wall overlooking the sea and John Collier lights a pipe. They sit together on the wall.
Intertitle: Robert Montgomery in his Bentley.
Robert Montgomery drives open-topped Bentley out of large garage with ivy growing on it. He pulls up to camera, removes his sunglasses and smiles in a self-satisfied way.
Intertitle: A glimpse of Wallace Beery's home.
Long shot of Wallace Beery's mansion-like house. Plain white yet huge building. Trees frame the shot.
Intertitle: Feminine film stars seem to spend a lot of time slimming, sunbathing, dieting, all to keep up that "streamline" standard.
Blonde star in bathing costume sits on a sun lounger and adjusts her sandals.
Intertitle: The statue erected to the memory of Rudolph Valentino.
Square, white mausoleum-type building seen on the far side of a lake. Close up of Valentino's statue - naked man stands on globe and looks skyward.
Intertitle: Here's Ralph Forbes getting into shape for his next film.
Forbes and another man fence. Both wear white and other man has a black mask. They are out of doors, standing by a hill or a cliff. Second man removes mask.
Intertitle: One of Hollywood's favourite games - polo, popular with all the stars.
Long shot of game of polo. Spectators visible at foot of frame.
Intertitle; A keen follower of the game - Walt Disney.
Disney and a group of people lounge on the grass. He chews gum.
Intertitle: Who would have thought it! Another follower - Oliver Hardy.
Low shot of Hardy's profile as he watches game. He wears a flat cap and glasses. Cut to game in progress.
Intertitle: Patric Knowles, his wife and Peter Hobbes.
The three sit on an outdoor bench watching the polo game. One of the men smokes a pipe.
Intertitle: All Hollywood seems to be at this game. Here's Jimmy Gleason and Walter Wanger.
Cut to the two men in hats and coats sitting on the grass.
Intertitle: Like a fish out of water! Johnnie Weissmuller.
Johnnie Weissmuller, looking huge in a white suit, stands by some shrubs, talking to another man.
Intertitle: Still more celebrities, Constance Collier, George Curzon, Montague Love.
The three, all very smartly dressed, stand and watch the game. Constance Collier carries a ball.
Intertitle: They can't do without it - cricket - introduced into Hollywood by C Aubrey Smith.
Men in trilby hats and smoking cigars watch cricket, cut to Smith, his wife (?) and a second man watching from a bench. They hold two dalmatian dogs on leads.
Intertitle: David Niven talking to Nigel Bruce. David Niven wears cricket whites. They laugh.
Intertitle: Evelyne Laye and Frank Lawton are interested spectators.
They sit under a tree and comment on the game.
Intertitle: Here comes Connie Tapley, May and Bunny Beatty.
The three walk towards camera with a little dog,
Intertitle: The cricket field attracts Anne Grey and her husband.
Anne Grey and husband watch game. Three people chat and drink tea behind them.
Intertitle: Aubrey Smith explaining matters to Marian Marsh.
She drinks tea. He wears a black cap (like a schoolboy) and blazer.
Intertitle: The Mexican Quarter in Los Angeles is a favourite haunt, full of graceful senoritas. Every fifth person in this city is Mexican.
Cut to vintage cars going down a tree-lined road. A street market in Mexico City. Lots of sombreros present. Shop called "Mexico Glassware" - two women stand outside wearing sombrero hats. Outdoor café or restaurant - people sit under picnic umbrellas. Mexican waitress approaches a couple at a table. Mexican band on stage. Woman in sombrero stands alone and smokes. Mexican women talk to man in sombreros from a balcony. Little girl dances. Mexican woman and man in suit clap. Native American or Red Indian in feathered head dress. Los Angeles at night - neon signs (lots of references to Hollywood).
Intertitle: Almost every night Hollywood sees some new premiere - now for a peep at one. Here's John Boles announcing - Ben Lyon, William Powell, Warren Williams and Mae West.
Boles speaks into microphone. He wears a tuxedo. Stars arrive at film premiere.
Intertitle: Herbert Mundin, a well-known comedian.
Mundin nods at camera. More stars walk past.
Intertitle: Now here comes Irene Dunne
Dunne stands next to her husband (?) and another couple and looks uncomfortably at the camera.
Intertitle: A director of many great spectacular pictures, Cecil B. De Mille.
De Mille speaks into a microphone market KMTR held up by a man in a trilby. People mill about behind them.
Intertitle: That well known team, Burns & Allen.
The couple speak into the KMTR microphone.
Intertitle: Lovely Ruby Keeler
She speaks into microphone before being joined by a man.
Intertitle: Denis Hoey and Connie Emerald, Ida Lupino's mother.
They beam smiles at the camera.
Intertitle: That loveable old lady May Robson.
She speaks with a microphone on a stand which is too tall for her.
Intertitle: Once again, Evelyn Laye & Frank Houston
Intertitle: And here's Bert Lyttel.
Bert Lyttel talks to a lady. A photographer takes her picture.
Intertitle: Bert Wheeler - but not with his usual partner.
Bert Wheeler and mystery female smile at camera.
Intertitle: Our western favourite - Buck Jones.
Buck and his wife smile at camera.
Intertitle: Jack Warner, the man who gave talkies to the world.
Warner speaks to camera. His wife slopes off.
Intertitle: And lastly, John Barrymore
John Barrymore in brown raincoat speaks into KTMR mike. Montage of neon signs. The End

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