Film: 9800

Science | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Chemical and Biological Warfare after World war Two

Westminster behind clapperboard in moving car. Introduction in "news" format.
Porton Down , Wiltshire. Britain’s chemical and germ warfare centre. Guards stop camera car at security gates, check papers, before waving through. Ministry of Defence. Close up of Eric Haddon Director of Chemical Defence Establishment. Demonstration of self injection kit. Contains atropenel . Demonstration of "Kiss of Life" , type of oxygen mask , performed on man on stretcher. Demonstration chemical and Biological combat suit ( CBC ) by a man on a bicycle. Flashing alarm and siren alert. Scientists in laboratory (NB Chemicals Present symbol on door). Close up of a Gas Alarm. Chemical bottle brought up to air intake. Close up of alarm sounding and flashing. Team of scientific intelligence officers (SIO) in CBC suits among them.
Dr Vernon Sanders, Eastern Pennsylvania University. Young man daubing protest on already graffiti-ed wall "Make Love". Dr Kirk A Krieger writing at blackboard. Dr Albert Miltbaum . Dr Krieger. Dr Miltbaum.
United States troops searching a village in Vietnam. US Military test laboratory. Caption "Plague, Q-Fever, Anthrax, Tularemia, Melioidosis, Botulism".
Dr Gordon Smith. Fort Dietrich USA. Shot from moving car outside compound. Student protest meeting. Chaired, bearded man smoking. Region scientific advisor to the Home Office (HO) Van ‘Civil Defence Corps, Cambridgeshire and Isle of Ely Division’ Interior of van. Dr Sanders sprays ‘gas’ - it has been sealed with polythene. Team enter van. Dr Sanders concentrates ? Effects of nerve gas in his study with the aid of a skeletal model. Dr Sanders holds up sample of mustard gas and sample of phluroethanol . Behind him in the study, a blackboard with some chemical diagram and on a desk laboratory equipment. Flag blowing in wind. Sign "CDEE - MRE Porton", Porton Down. Microbiological Research Establishment. Sign "Prohibited Place". Camera car, a Vauxhall Victor, enters. Gordon Smith, Director.
US military aircraft spraying Vietnamese jungle. Vietnamese villagers in distress. United States soldiers present. In view, Dr Matt Messelson (?) Professor of Biology at Harvard. Excerpt from Chinese film of 1953, purporting to show soldiers (?) in white body suits in Korea. Chinese scientists testing reactions to chemical spraying. Russian soldiers fitting a warhead to a missile. Generals and observers look on. Long view of Ivan Malik descending aircraft steps. General views of Stockholm, Sweden. Snow evident. Interior bacteriological laboratory. Professor Geraintdew? General views of equipment. Sweden’s ambassador to Disarmament Conference, Mrs Alvia Miuredahl at desk in tiled room, with corner stove. Chairman of Institute for Peace and Conflict Research. Man driving car - shot from back seat - comes to security point: "US Army Fort Detrick".

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