Film: 9806

Social History | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Mykonos - Greek island. Picture of life on the island, based around the daily routine of a boy and his family 1970s

The climax is the rescue of people from a boat when they get into difficulties when rowing in the bay. Greece.

Waves wash up on a rocky shore, large boulders line the seaside. A boy sits on top of one of the boulders, looking out towards the sea, he pokes in the water with a long stick. Two young boys with no shirts on in a blue rowing dinghy move towards the rocks slowly, the boy at the front of the boat pulls a fish spear from under the seats, he turns to look over the bow of the boat. The boy, Nikos, throws the spear into the water near the boat, and spears a fish, he pulls it up out of the water. Nikos leans over the gunwale of the boat and pulls out the squid that he speared, he takes the baby octopus off the spear point. His friend in the boat moves over the seat to look as the boat floats in the water. Nikos hands the squid to his friend and replaces the spear. Nikos squints in the bright sunshine as he sits in the boat, he moves over to the centre of the vessel, he wears only a bathing suit. Nikos face, he concentrates on what he is doing, biting his lower lip. Nikos, still in his swimming trunks, helps an with his yellow fishing nets, behind him the tall mast of a fishing vessel. Nikos and a friend lie on their bellies in the sun and talk, they look as if they are planning something. Nikos, with a white shirt on, pulls on a rope, he moves around a large bundle and pulls on the rope, securing it tightly, then his father stands back and holds the donkey as Nikos jumps on the back of the animal, his father pushes on the back of the donkey and the animal moves off. A view from the hills above Mykonos Town towards the sea, the houses are all white, with flat roofs. A tree outlined against the sky, the branches horizontal to the trunk. Mykonos harbour from the hills beside the town rising from the sea, again showing the white houses and buildings, a small dome on the right shows a church. At sunset, a boat moves into the harbour behind the cupola of the Greek Orthodox Church. A row of boats in the harbour, neatly lined up, many of them still have men working on them at this time of night. A bell moves back and forth in the church tower, pulled by a rope from below. A fantastic view of the white town, the harbour and the Aegean sea in the distance. Looking down from the church roof, donkey walk beside the church with panniers on their backs underneath the trees, a person walks on the road in front of the church. A floury hand cuts loaves of bread with a hand spatula on a stone surface. A man in white with a narrow white cap on, puts bread inside a roaring open oven with a long wooden paddle, he places the bread in the fire and removes the paddle. A plump woman in a blue shift dress works at a small fire on a stone counter, above the fire is a pot sitting on brick piled up on either side of the fire, the woman takes the pot off. Stavros brushes shaving lather on his neck and cheeks with a lather brush. Stavros, Nikos' father looks at himself in the small shaving mirror as he covers his lower face with shaving lather. A small room with several tables, some covered with gleaming white table cloths, an arch divides the room, cooking pots and pans hang on the far wall near wear the mother is working at the fire, a small girl sits at a table near her and peals potatoes? A round table with a white cloth on it, pink flowers in a vase with several black and white photographs in frames. A white plaster wall, with photos and fishing gear hung on it. A close up of the fishing tackle, of the white line and the coloured lures with large hooks. Stavros rubs hi cleanly shaven face as he sits in front of the mirror, he takes his hat from the board and gets up with a big smile, putting his captain's hat on. A red boat moves into the harbour, other boats are still at anchor behind the breakwater. With a cigarette in his mouth, Stavros lifts his yellow fishing nets. He moves along the nets laid out on the ground near the harbour, making sure they have no holes. Fishing nets laid out on the ground, their edges shown by the red buoys strung along them. A small girl in a pink dress sits side-saddle on the back of a donkey, a boy, her brother, sits behind her, he hits the donkey on the side with his school bag. The donkey with the children on its back, pass a man on a donkey going the other way on the road bordered by stone fences and then bare fields. From above, the children ride the donkey along the road, the girl kicking the donkey with her heels, then the white square school house in the middle of a bare field. The donkey walks along the road, towards the school gate. The girl jumps down to the ground and puts the donkey lead over the wall as Nikos jumps down from behind and runs through the gateway, where he is met by one of his friends, his sister follows, the boys run away from us with their arms about each others shoulders, two other boys join them. In front of the schoolhouse, the teacher stands with his back to us and calls to children to him, they run up before him.

Up stone stairs between white buildings a young girl in a blue dress climbs holding a package. An old woman with a loaded donkey with panniers on it sides walks on the same pathway between the white houses with bright wooden doors. Another woman come out of her home and greets the woman, she is selling vegetables. The older woman wearing a headkerchief, takes vegetables out of the pannier as the other woman talks to her, the older woman measures the vegetables out on a hand scale for her. The woman thanks her and takes the vegetables and scale. A long street lined with white houses, all seemingly rising out of the ground, not gardens in front but right on the street, small porches have blankets or large stoneware pots on them, a child climbs up to a porch from the street. A woman whitewashes her front steps to keep it gleaming white. The woman's grimacing face. The woman sweeps the brush around one of the large stones that pave the front porch.

A flight of white stairs going up to the roof of a house, curved in the middle from long use, a green window beside them. A door with a bell above it, the orthodox church. Another church with bell above the door, this one larger that the first. The domed roof of the village church, painted red with the crucifix on top. The brick red of the arched transepts.

Two girls sit in chairs in the roadway, working with wool, across from the church. One girls works spinning thread, the other does needlework. A girl crockets delicately in blue wool. A close up of the girl's young face, her hair held back with a head band. The girls spinner moves the finished product around on the wool stand. The other girl talks, pretending she is a grown-up. A girl works at a loom outside in the sunshine. A close up of her freckled face as she works weaving . The red pattered cloth on the loom, the shuttle moving in and out between the warp and web. A finished cloth, red with a multicoloured design. Another cloth with a less glaring design, still red though! A white, green, red, and black cloth with textured design. Another textured design this time with blue. The village well, two boys in their bathing suits draw water in a bright metal bucket, standing on the side of the well to draw it up. They jump down to the ground and pick up the bucket, beside the well, a woman works at a stone washing vat, scrubbing clothes. One of the boys pours water into the washing tubs. The woman twists the fabric well, rinsing out the soapy water. Niko hauls on the donkey's rope, his uncle and he get passed over a bag of meal from a boat. Nikos and his uncle bring the bag of feed to the donkey who is on the rocky shore. They strap the bag of feed to the donkey's saddle, securing it tightly. Niko jumps up on the donkey, his uncle slaps it on the rump several times and waves goodbye. A windmill used to grind grain, the mills sails turn quickly in the wind, nikos rides the donkey up to it. The mill keeper waves out his window, beside him a rack of post cards. Nikos rides up beside the mill and the miller comes out to greet him, dressed in blue baggy pants and a Greek sailor cap. He takes hold of the donkey and helps Nikos jump down and Panos starts to untie the grain. The sails of the windmill move around quickly. Panos picks the bag up over his shoulder and Nikos helps him by pushing up on it, they walk into the mill. Panos and Nikos walk up the winding staircase in the mill. The machinery of the windmill, all wooden, turns. Panos scoops wheat out of the burlap sack into a metal bucket filling it up, then he lifts the bucket above a large funnel and dumps the grain in. The grinding stone turns. Panos laps his hands with e smile as Nikos asks him if he can look, panos lifts him up so he can look down into the grist mill. The grinding stone turns. Panos looks over the edge as the grain slides down the shoot into the grinder. The wind mill turns. The wooden gears turn inside the windmill. The grinding stone turns. Panos takes flour out from the bottom of the mill, he scoops some out of the large pot into t a bag which Nikos holds open for him. Nikos squeezes the top of the bag closed and Panos helps him lift it. The turning gears of the windmill. The sails turn, behind it, the village glistens in the sunlight.
A man with a very large belly ( surprise, he is the baker!) rolls bread dough on a wooden surface, loaves of dough lay on the counter. A small boy ( the baker's son) sprinkles flour over the kneaded loaves and then uses the hand spatula to divide them to make a split pattern on the bread's surface. The boy lifts the heavy wooden tray and moves it near the stove. One of the helpers puts a batch of bread in the open oven with the giant wooden paddle, he takes out a loaf and puts it with the others on the table behind him. A girl walks along a road with a tray of biscuits on her head, she enters the bakers. The baker puts the tray in the oven.
Several boats move in the harbour. Stavros and other men haul on a rope. More boats sail. Barrels are lifted up from the hold of a boat with chain and moved to the dock. Men roll the barrels on the dock, they are striped red and white. Men work on their fishing boats. A man rows a large boat with oars. Men push off a boat from the beach. Two cows are pulled out of a boat while other men watch. Men try and push a saddled donkey into a boat. A flock of sheep in a field surrounded by a stone wall, the young shepherd boy moves up to them waving his arms, the sheep start to move across the field towards us. The boy waves his arms. The sheep start running across the grass away from the boy. The divided and terraced hillsides on the coast of the island of Mykonos. The herd of sheep on the dock beside a boat. The sheep are lifted by the men into the boat. A man sits on the boat, smoking a cigarette. The town gets smaller as the boat travels out of the harbour with the sheep on board, moving to another island so they have somewhere to graze. Parts of the island pass by silhouetted against the sky.
A man holds the side of the boat on towards the dock as the sheep jump out. Baskets of greeny-yellow vegetables in baskets in the bottom of the boat. A man hoes a vegetables plot, a woman holds a water hose, watering the garden. The water flows into irrigation channels. A boy with a hoe, runs over to a channel and hacks away at it as the water flows along it to the rest of the garden. A woman picks some green tomatoes off a ground vine. Cacti line a stone wall. A man rides a donkey down a narrow lane to a house. Men and women work and trade on the docks, a donkey with panniers led by a woman. Women buy produce from man with vegetables in baskets on a donkey. Women look at produce in baskets, rubbing through their fingers. A man weighs some grapes for two women on the docks. The woman's hands open her change purse, take out a coin and gives it to the man. A girl sweeps underneath some stairs outside, Nikos runs down the stairs in his bathing suit. Another boy runs around a corner in his bathing costume. Some skinny legs run down some stairs. A boy runs down a cobbled road. Another boy runs down some stairs, he stops when he gets to an old woman sitting in a chair in the street, knitting. He pats her on the shoulders, and she smiles and waves him on. A boy runs down a road and around a man with a loaded donkey. The group of boys run through a passageway. They run past another old woman knitting on her doorstep. A cat on a window sill at an open window. The boys run down some stairs. A boy enters the water in a dive. Another boy dives in. A boy surfaces. The boys play in the water, dunking each other for fun. On the dock a boat ties up, girls play hopscotch? On the cement. The girls throw their stones and skip on one leg. The leg of one girl, she tries to pop her stone upwards by jumping on the edge of it. A boy dives off a boat into the water. Another boy dives into the water near the dock. A boy dives feet first. Two more boys dive. Two girls run towards a ship that has just come in. The men climb out of the ship. The girls all wave. The busy dock area, with boats coming in. A man throws a rope with a hook on the end and then pulls the rope, moving the boat closer to the . Two men sort out a fishing net. Men take the fish out of a yellow fishing net and toss the fish into a full hamper of fish. A man crouched down on the deck of a ship takes fish out of the net and throws it away. The hands a man takes out a fish from a yellow net, then the man's face, looking down at his hands, his head covered with a blue cap, his shirt open. The weathered face a fisherman in blue as well. Another face of a seaman. A young boy sits on the edge of a boat and moves up and down as the boat moves in the water, he wears a small white cap. Another face a man, then beside him a boy watches and tries to copy his movements, pulling to straighten out the net. Fish are laid in the sun on the top of a ship' s cabin. A woman places fish on a scale. A child holds a pan of fish. A hand picks a fish up from a pile on the deck. A man picks up a fish that has fallen off the top of the cabin, and puts it back on the pile. The fleet of boats, a net is stretched from the deck to the dock, the boat slowly moving away from the dock. The water reflects on the bottom of a white boat, making patterns on the paint. The yellow mesh of the fishing nets moves in front of us. Niko and a friend help straighten out the net, then one of the men smiles as he gives them a hand. Hands work at the net. The net moves in front of us as fishing equipment and boats are seen in the background. An old woman in black walks away from us up a road using a cane to support herself, two old men sit on the edge of a flower box on the whitewashed street, talking. One of the old men talks, he is missing most of his teeth. His hands flip and swing some prayer beads. The hands of his companion move his worry beads back and forth on their string. Two old women, their heads covered with black cloth sit on whitewashed steps and pull skeins of wool using hand spindles. The hand s of the old women expertly pull the wool into even thin thread. An old woman knits with white thread. Her face concentrates on her hands. Her hands move quickly as she crochets a length of lace. A group of men sit out on the terrace of a taverna talking , lounging in chairs.
Niko rows a large white boat while his friend pulls a fish out of the sea, it wriggles in his hands as he tries pull the hook from his mouth. Niko steps over the seat and drabs another line, he pulls a fish up and tries to pull the line from his mouth. Niko rows strongly. Niko holds the fish as his friend tries to take the hook from its mouth. Niko rows the boat, then his friends pulling the line in the water. The bow of the boat moves easily through the calm water. The wind blows the branches of a tree above the town in a hill, the town gleams white below, the water in the harbour is rough with white caps from the wind. Niko's friend rows, niko helps him by pushing the oars as his friend pulls them. The sails of the wind mil move quickly, turning the mill with the strong wind. The two boys struggle against the strong wind currents.
A small boy runs up to the men in the taverna, they jump up and run towards us, worried about the two boys. From the hilltop, the sea looks even rougher than before. From behind the windmill, the sails turn in front of us, behind them, the water is white from the wind blowing. The men run out onto the stone dock. They arrive at a boat, they jump in as one of them bends to loosen the mooring rope. The town in the edge of the sea, is surrounded by water. The boys struggle to row against the wind, each boy works a oar. The waves crash up against the rocks. The motor boat moves through the high waves, crashing down as it passes the peaks. The two boys row away from us frantically. The men in the boat shade their eyes from the sun as they search for the row boat. From below, looking up at the men scanning the skyline for the two boys. One of the boys has stood up to try to row easier. One of the men has his hand at his forehead to sea better. Another of the men shades his eyes. All of the men shade their eyes as the boat crashes up and down on the heavy waves. The boys row away from us on a swell. One of the men puts down his looking glass, and point over to the left. The row boat is pulled up aside the motor boat, The smaller boy helps to pull the boat alongside, they are handed a tow rope and move the row boat along behind the motorboat to be towed in. A festival dinner, the white table is laden with plates of food outside in the sun, everyone has small glasses of wine, they lift them in toast. Everyone eats bread and meat from the plates in front of them. Nikos munches on a piece of lamb, dressed in his best white shirt and blue vest, his father has his arm over his shoulders, they smile at each other. One of his friends eats from his plate. A baby eats a piece of roll. Looking down the table, everyone raises their glasses across the table with whoever is opposite. The tables are laid out in the church courtyard, the sun shines down on the gathering. A girl eats and takes a drink of retsina. Children move in a circle doing a folk dance as everyone moves from the table. Looking down, the children move back and forth in the circle. Three men do a traditional folk dance, their arms on each others shoulders, they jump spectacularly in the air and hit their foot against their hand. A woman laughs. The men repeat the movement. From above the men's heads, they continue the dance, turning a round and squatting down on their hells and then rising again, The sun sets over the sea surrounding the village. Looking down on them, the three men continue the dance, lunging forward on one knee, twice. The men dance, behind them the sun disappears on the horizon and the white village glows. The sea washes up on the flat, smooth shore. The white church. A boat out on the ocean. An old man with a white moustache eats and takes a drink of coffee. A woman leans over. A man smacks his lips. A woman with a white headscarf talks and walks towards us. A young girl with a platter of sweets on her head which she carries carefully. The profile of a man's face. He walks towards his flock of sheep. An old man takes a puff of a cigarette. An old woman laughs as she knits. A fisherman. A young boy. A young girl laughing. Niko smiles and winks. The sunset over the Aegean. End titles.

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