Film: 9816

Politics | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Elections in Britain in 1945. Film promoting British democracy with new German commentary.

Opening sequence: detailed shots of the spires of the Houses of Parliament and brief shot of Big Ben. Commentary seems to be talking about the history of the British democratic process. Long shot of Houses of Parliament with tug boat on Thames in foreground. Diagram map of UK. Cut to railway track and giant chimney stacks located near Kettering. Long shot of factory dissolving into a machinist attaching a sole onto a shoe. Cut to old fashioned or early tractor ploughing a field. Cut to main street in Kettering, with further brief shot of market stalls. Cut to John Dempsey, Independent Candidate. Gilbert Mitchison Labour Candidate and John Profumo, Conservative Candidate. Cut to Kettering City Centre with Church spire. Cut to advertising hoarding or billboard outside central committee rooms for John Profumo exhorting voters to vote for him. Cut to a man who may be Profumo's election agent. Profumo stands up to give a speech and just after he starts to address the audience the German voice-over comes in drowning out his words. Shots of the audience including a sailor in uniform and an old or elderly woman. Dissolve to the offices of the Labour Party Candidate, Gilbert Mitchison. Behind him a poster reads "We organized for war, let's organize for peace. Vote Labour". Cut to public meeting being held by Gilbert Mitchison with Liberal shots of the audience watching. Cut to the election offices of John Dempsey the Independent candidate. The two main candidates Mitchison and Profumo meet and shake hands. Mitchison discusses his campaign strategy (and accounts for his campaign funds) while party workers fill envelopes with party literature and photographs. Voting slips with the candidates names prominent. Postal balloting cards for people absent at the time of the election due to residence abroad are sent out. An army of postmen and postwomen deliver the voting cards and campaign literature. Mitchison and Profumo share a platform at a public meeting. Montage of different audiences including schoolboys, sailors (cadets) and wrens. Profumo is seen walking through a field carrying a large staff. He is accompanied by another man. Brief shot of early tractor. Mitchison talks to a worker at the shoe factory while examining a shoe sole. Profumo talks to workers on a building site with a large crane in the background. A large public meeting with John Profumo speaking in medium and close up shots. Cut to an outside meeting where Mitchison talks to a group of farmers. Cut to John Dempsey addressing a group of people outside what looks like a public building. Profumo's campaign car emblazoned with an advertising slogan "This is Profumo" with Profumo standing upright comes down a road and enters a field, with a church in the background. Cut to advertising slogan for the offices of the Evening Telegraph, Leader and Guardian and the Leader Press. Cut to copywriters at their typewriters the completed copy is transported around the building, given to the typesetter. The completed newspapers are printed and collated. Evening Telegraph headline reads "Record Poll likely in Great Election". Cut to good shot of woman entering polling station. A woman enters the station to cast her vote. Her name is located on the list. She is given a voting paper and after making her choice, places her ballot paper in the box. An old fashioned policeman informs the polling station organizers that the poll is closed. A candle wax seal is attached to the box. The individual boxes from the wards are collected and taken to the count. Soldiers stationed abroad receive information about the candidates and go to cast their votes. Their ballot papers are flown out, The seals on the ballot boxes are broken and the papers emptied out. Clearly seen on the side of the boxes is Parliamentary Election 1945 for the Parliamentary County of Northampton with the soke… of Peterborough. The votes are counted and the audience outside the counting station await the result. The returning officer reads out the results and Gilbert Mitchison the Labour candidate wins, with Profumo second and Dempsey third. Mitchison shakes the hand of a police officer before entering the Houses of Parliament through a ceremonial gate. The opening of Parliament by unidentified Royals.

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