Film: 9818

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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A Mercedes Benz advertising film about the development of a new Mercedes W123: Planning, testing, producing 1970's

A draughtsman drawing a Mercedes model on a board. The schedule of the development advancements. A meeting; the first simple design model. Sketches of possible new models made by designers. - the development of the Mercedes look from 1953 to 1976. - Life size drawing of the new Mercedes. Correction of the contours of the first design. The fields of vision. Production of models of the new Mercedes. A scanner linked to a punch card controlled plotter transfers the model to life-size drawings. - The production of the first life-size model. Doors. Seats. Polishing. Finished models. Discussion of the board of management about the models. Scanning of the chosen model, creation of life-size drawings. Design of a detailed drawing. Discussions. Machines measuring the forces in the car. Simulator testing shock-absorbers. Computers used for monitoring. Models for the fuel injection system. More testing machines for the fuel injection. The five cylinder engine. The engine is installed into the body. Testing machines for the position of the engine. Testing machines for the rest of the components. Driving tests: Lots of electrical equipment on the front passenger seat. The punch suspensions; testing machine. A tyre-burst. The maximum possible corner speed. Behaviour of the tyre on bends. Sudden direction changes. A driving simulator (auto pilot) driving extreme manoeuvres. Programming of the simulator. - A traffic accident. Examining of the cars involved in order to gain data. Accident simulators; crash test dummies. Seat belt test. Crash tests on individual components. Crash tests on complete cars. Computer room to analyse the results. Opening of doors after a crash test. An impact on the side of the car. A car landing on its roof. An impact on the rear. - Movement of wheels on an uneven test track. Simulation of uneven road by hydraulic test equipment. Analysis of the results on graphs. Mercedes driving through deep puddles. Wind tunnel experiments to find out how and where dirt collects. The wipers. The cold chamber (-40 degree Celsius), Mercedes covered with ice. Noise test in a sound proof chamber. Laboratory with computers. - Confirmation of the results in practical tests. Tests with "disguised" cars on streets in the neighbourhood of the production site. Test drives in other European countries and on other continents, e.g. in the mountains. A Mercedes towing another vehicle. More test drives. - Dusty roads in Africa. A car arriving by airplane. South Africa. Waterfalls. And all the time Mercedes on the roads that are tested and examined. Roads in extreme cold climate zones. - "Then, production can begin." In the factory. Machines, sparks. Production of the body. Automatic welding. Conveyor belts transporting the bodies. More machines. The last remaining welding processes that are still done by hand. Mechanised production. The finished body. The assembly line. Fitting of the front axle. The rear axle. The engine. Checks on the front axle. The finished car, before leaving the production hall, undergoing final tests. - The new Mercedes on the road. Narrator explains the advancements. Mercedes on test race tracks.

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