Film: 9825

Politics | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Narrated by Marlon Brando.

Washington state, USA. Medium shot of American Indian in red headband talking about Medicine Creek Treaty. Long shot of him in motor boat. Old Indian discussing Treaty. Close-up of document. Tracking shot along highway beneath flyovers, through snowy landscape. Man in boat sees white men fishing on riverbank. Indian woman discusses place of fishing in her culture. Indian in hat with earmuffs compares conventional white American lifestyle with native American lifestyle. Same man fishes in motor boat with net. Woman enters hut where fish being smoked. Indian tramps through woods in the snow with a rifle over his shoulder. Man discusses iniquity of white man's coming. A totem pole. Close-up of animal carvings on pole. Woman discusses life cycle according to Indians as man skins small deer. Man drinks coffee by open fire. Indian in boat goes by watched by whites on shore. Attorney Alvin J. Ziontz discusses legal status of Indians according to Washington's fishing laws. Indians relate tales of having fishing equipment confiscated. 'Fish-in' held at Frank's Landing to publicize deprivation. Woman takes up story. Black and white footage of Walter Neubrech (Game official) telling white side of story. Boats crossing river, people resisting from opposite bank. Photos and freeze frames disproving claim that no weapons carried by whites. Close-ups of scuffles. Woman testifies to brutality of whites. Ziontz criticizes state's treatment of Indians. Indians dressing in native garb to attend court in state capitol. Tracking shot along rainy road accompanied by folk song. Thurston County Courthouse. Indians making their way through parking lot to Courthouse. Extract from Cavalry versus Indian B-movie with woman commentating on image of her people projected by Hollywood. Long shot of Indians milling about and singing. Close-up of their feet in the mud. Brando commentates on Religion of the Ghost Dance. Heritage markers at site of the Battle of Wounded Knee.

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