Film: 9831

Adverts | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Rothmans cigarette adverts.

Advert one: colour advert for Peter Stuyvesant located in very 1970s looking landscape. Advert starts with montage of skyscrapers (taken with wide-angled lens from the base of the building giving a very distorted view). Cut to shot of Peter Stuyvesant 100's. Close-up on luxury length slogan printed on the packet. Panning shot up concrete lighting tower at airport. Over very up beat music we cut to a couple standing on top of the tower. She wears a white scarf, red coat and very distinctive sunglasses which cover her eyebrows entirely. She takes a cigarette from a packet. Close up of the base of the lighting rig. Brief shot of a pier sign (departure gate). Cut to two men and women running along a corridor with white light streaming in from circular windows. An Air France plane takes off. Cut to the four standing at an observation platform overlooking the airport. Bizarre but striking shots filmed through a prism lens which multiplies the image. Montage of shots using this technique follows; a plane; a couple walking across the tarmac; planes taxiing; a plane landing; a close up of the woman taking a cigarette from a packet. Finally, long shot of a plane flying over the horizon while dusk falls.
Advert Two: A man dressed as an Indian crosses a river using a rope stretched across a canyon. Title -'Bridges of the World' appears on the screen. Voice over explains 'The obstacles to man's progress have taxed his ingenuity, his courage, his own development in his achievements. This was his earliest, a bridge cut to water flowing down a stream. Panning shot up to a xxx bridge. Cut to a flock of sheep on long shot moving down a hillside. Tower steps in Somerset built 3000 years ago. Sheep cross the bridge. Aqueduct over the Guard river, near Nimes in Southern France. C-reg red sports car seen driving over the bridge, Aston Martin?. Cut to a bridge part of the 550 mile Autostrada del Sol, the road to the sun in Italy. Various shots of the bridge. Voice over 'The quest for perfection is an ever present challenge and in meeting it lies man's deepest satisfaction. The challenge to Rothman's has been the search for perfection in smoking (close up of the cigarette). Cut to Rothman's packet and the slogan 'The Greatest Name in Cigarettes', emblazoned on the screen. Using the bridge metaphor, a rather misleading and confusing link is established in this advert.
Advert Three: 1950's advert for Rothman's of Pall Mall cigarettes. Big Ben. House of Commons. Voice over 'On February 12th 1954, the Minister for Health told the House of Commons about the investigations of the risk of smoking'. Cut to a well dressed man lighting a cigarette. He is distracted and we see amongst the busy traffic a horse drawn carriage with red livery with Rothmans of Pall Mall written on the side. The carriage pulls up outside Rothman's shop in Pall Mall. Voice over 'This same question was under investigation by Rothman's of Pall Mall, who with their sixty years of experience of blending five tobaccos, were engaged in research not to replace age old skills, but to improve them.' A set of ten triangular test tubes is displayed on a rack. On the upper five a cigarette is attached to the test tube and burns. Cut to a very authoritative looking figure with a moustache, meant to be a doctor or scientist. He continues "The objective of our research was to find how smokers could be protected against Nicotine, tars which are present in all cigarettes. Certification of the authenticity of the experiments is shown on screen. According to this, Pall Mall cigarettes are certified to trap 32% of Nicotine and 3300 microgrammes of tar. Cut to an illustration of the cigarette showing the construction of this brand. Pure Virginian tobacco, and straight-laid cotton wool. Voice- over 'to make the best you must begin with the best.' Close up of the built-in filter changing colour as it traps the tar. 'These tars are present in all cigarettes.' A cigarette is stubbed out on a 1950s style ashtray. Cut to man relaxing in his armchair in a distinctive 1950s living or drawing room, lighting a cigarette. He inhales deeply, clearly enjoying the feeling or sensation. Close upon the pack - ('Pall Mall, Britain's first cigarette with the built in filter') comes up on screen along with the price for 20, at 3'7 - only at good tobacconists. Final part of voice over says, 'To add protection to your pleasure'.
Advert Four: Title - 'The Reason Why' - colour by Technicolor (used almost as a stamp of quality). Interior of a gentlemen's club. A waiter takes a tray of drinks over to a table to two men who sit in comfortable armchairs. One wears a white tuxedo and black bow tie. He asks his friend 'Why is it that some cigarettes taste so much better than other ones?' Cut to a man surrounded by tobacco leaves searching slowly through bundles, selecting samples. Cut to a machine chopping up the tobacco leaves. Shot of finished cigarettes on a conveyor belt, and measured for packing and cleaning deficiencies. Racks of tightly packed cigarettes are individually inspected by women wearing white coats and hats. A young woman wheels out a barrow with Pall Mall cigarettes on it. We return to the gentlemen's club. Our host says, '....and so you see why Pall Mall tastes better'. The man makes a direct play to the camera and says, 'You know they really do taste better' (funny). 1950s.
Advert Five: Title - Vacation in Capri, opening sequence. Partenope - Napoli, a boat approaches Capri quayside. Cut to small harbour with fishing boats in foreground, a street of white Moorish buildings. A young man (brown suede jacket) and woman wearing pink 1950s dress. Walk along a small pathway among the Moorish buildings and picturesque lanes and ride donkeys past a small taverna. Long shot of Capri mountains and harbour with swimmers in foreground. The couple stand on a balcony looking through a telescope. In background we see the opposite view of the harbour and hills.
Our couple are taken up the hills in a horse and trap, making their way through a beautiful glade covered with pink flowers on Mount Solaro, the highest point on Capri. Panoramic views of the Italian mainland. The young woman makes her way down the hillside on a chairlift. The young man somewhat melodramatically dives into a swimming pool. Cut to a poolside shot surrounded by young people. Our couple relax on a swinging chair. He offers her a cigarette - voice over - 'Enjoyment of course makes Stuyvesant the international passport to smoking pleasure. This is the cigarette smokers prefer because of its quality tobaccos.'
(The couple both inhale and exhale in unison? ) 'Peter Stuyvesant, the choice Virginia cigarette with the miracle filter.'
Advert Six: Very grainy shot of a flight Captain in profile. Close up of the cigarette he is smoking. Dissolves to the cigarette in illustration form. cut to Rothmans King Size logo. Upbeat music reminiscent of a Busby Berkeley musical plays over a montage of Rothman's cigarettes and packets pushing the message home.
After Seven: More laid back music accompanies this advert for Rothmans filter cigarettes. The length of this brand is compared with competing brands. Over the sound of an aircraft engine we see a close up of an aircraft engine. We see a close up of the sleeve of our flight Captain (see advert six). Close up of burning ash on the end of the cigarette.
Advert Eight: See advert Four ('The Reason Why').
Advert Nine: Peter Stuyvesant short advert for these cigarettes. Voice over: 'The Virginian cigarettes with the miracle filter'. Two packs shown in close up.
Advert Ten: Paris street with street scenes in summer. General shots of Paris, a couple walking along the Seine, Montmartre, the Champs Elysee. Cut to Notre Dame Cathedral with a young man painting a picture of the cathedral in the foreground. Cut to busy traffic in Champs Elysee. Cut to tourist boat or ship on the Seine. Excellent night time footage of neon signs of Paris nightlife, including the Moulin Rouge, Folies Pigalle, Folies Bergere, Sphinx, the Lido. Cut to exterior daytime shot of cafe. A couple sit at a table. He offers her a cigarette 'the professional passport to smoking flavour'. Adverts end in same way as advert Eight.

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