Film: 9839

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | B/W


Business Challenges
A British European Airways aircraft is flying, seen from its side. A man seated inside is pointing at a map. A member of the crew is serving drinks at the business class. Four business men are seated opposite a table, drinking. Jennings and Shaw are talking about their trouble in business with some disagreement. Opposite them, Ken Harper overhears the conversation. The stewardess comes back with the change. Harper asks for a lighter. Shaw gives him company's matches to keep, Harper recognitions the firm's name and introduces himself apparently they know of each other. Harper offers advice from his experience... the conversation goes on. He suggests them to use a distribution curve (seen on the screen) to improve their quality supervision. The conversation proceeds while the fourth member of the table hears the conversation under the cover of reading a book. Harper gives an example from a factory of cars. We see the women on the job before the final inspection, one of them measures pieces with a meter. Inspection reveals variation in the meters used. The women working with a conveyor belt. Back to the discussion. Showing a distribution curve with further details.... Mr Green closes his book and offers to help as he is a statistician. They all laugh. Mr Harper introduces everybody. Mr Green explains how to approach quality inspection from his point of view. An example from a factory, showing a man working with an automatic lathe, cutting pieces, the man measures them. A chart showing the variability of the accuracy of the machine. They all look at a piece of paper while Mr Green demonstrates what he means. (we see it on the screen, enlarged). Mr Green carries on talking about quality control and means of measuring it and examples of aircraft, we see the propelled. Jennings offers cigarettes to everybody. harper lights it up for him. They talk on and on, until Mr Green comes up with a suggestion that seems to please Jennings. We see women doing manual assembly work on television sets. The inspector alerts the charge hand who shows the worker. He then marks it on her quality sheet. He also marks the other ones who do well. Jennings seems to have been slightly convinced in how he can improve his business. Harper advises to take steps gradually. The stewardess is serving the table (a view from the back). Shaw is congratulating Mr Harper and Mr Green for causing some change in Jennings' hard views.... They all laugh. The end.

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