Film: 9846

Food + Drink | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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This is a dramatised documentary about flour production and bread. Good scenes of people eating - at home, in a field etc 1950's

A London street, possibly late 40's or early 50's, with some black cars (resemble London cabs), parked, a man is leaving a house or flat. Close up views of some of the doorways and windows. A tilt up view of a house three storeys high. A man is visible on the top left window and another man is also visible sitting at the top right hand window. Close up of a man doing exercises at a window. Close up of a man sitting at the right hand side window. An artist's studio which is fairly untidy, a man paces with his hand resting behind his neck, the artist walks to the window, the window is lit with sunshine. The man faces the wall casting his shadow on it. The man shakes his head, looks upset, he is facing a blank canvas. The man who is wearing a three piece suit, sits on a chair next to the canvas, he looks annoyed and bothered, behind him, on a window sill, is a small statue of a woman standing on one foot with arms out streched. The man takes out a piece of paper from his coat pocket and examines it, it is a letter, he looks bothered. He gets up, puts the letter back in his coat pocket and walks to the window. He picks up a round loaf of bread and throws it in the air and slams it back onto the mantlepiece, he looks very angry. He paces up and down in his studio flat, he needs to make a painting about bread. He looks at his watch. He looks at the letter again. He puts on his hat and coat. He walks out onto the street. Another man, carrying a briefcase, walks out of the same building/house, he looks at the sky, buttons his coat. The painter is sitting in a library at a desk which has piles and piles of books, he looks pensive. Close up of another man sitting in the library, he has got open books in front of him and is wearing a striped tie, he also has reading glasses. He takes off his glasses and looks intrigued. The painter looks back to his books and carries on reading.
Close up of an open book with a picture of a field. Close up of the picture in the book, it is a wheat field with a fence and a tree. Close up of a harvester cutting wheat. Views of the combined harvester cutting and separating wheat into sacks. View of a bare slope, at the bottom of the slope there are three people and four cows. Close up of a woman putting wheat into a truck. Traditonal wheat milling done by a woman. A convoy of ox wagons, possibly carrying wheat. A group of woman are heaping the wheat using shovels. A elderly man wearing dark clothes and a cap is riding at the back of a rudimentary combined harvester, he collects straw. Two women are shoving the wheat onto a stack. Close up of wheat grains. View of rudimentary combined harvester powered by cows, a man rides in the back while another man encourages the cows to move, another man moves the straw. Wheat harvesting. Two men are stirring the wheat grains with their hands. Women are building hay stacks. Close up of wheat grains. Asian men ( maybe chinese), are beating wheat. A river scene, possibly in China with traditional boats on the river, the boats are carrying packages. Close up of chinese people, on a boat, wearing traditional hats, they are rowing. Close up of wheat. Wheat being poured onto a truck, a man is on top of the truck with holding a shovel. A wheat field with a combined harvester, harvesting the wheat directly onto the back of a truck. Another view of the combine harvester.. A woman (possibly Russian) is sitting on top of a truck full of bags, another woman is standing below. A scene showing traditional wheat harvesting in Australia. Close up of combined harvester. Two men in a field are sewing bags. Close up of bags being sewed. Two men are stacking the bags onto two tractors.
Photograph of wheat. Close up of a page from a book. Three men sit in a library, two of them are looking at another man who is seriously reading a book, he looks up and notices the other men looking at him. He picks up his hat, newspaper and coat and leaves the library, the other two men shrug their shoulders.
The painter is sitting in an office talking to a gentleman at Canada House who is sitting at a desk, he is holding magazines, a secretary walks out. The man sitting at the desks hands out some magazines or papers to the painter. The painter looks through them. Close up of some of the magazine pages showing a boy holding two bundles of wheat. View of a field with four harvesters. View of the cut wheat, as the harvester passes through the field, it leaves bundles of cut wheat in the field. The harvesters are leaving the field. Close up a harvester collecting straw. The wheat being placed directly onto a truck. Trucks full of wheat are arriving at a train station. View of the top of a long train. Another view of a long wagon train in a Canadian prairie. View of a port in a lake in Canada, storage elevators and a ship are seen in the port. A ship with black smoke coming out of its chimney. Another view of the ship. A port seen from a boat. Close up of the ships' name "Ausonia Liverpool". Another view of a boat or ship coming into a port. View of a barge breaking ice. Two men are standing on the ice while a barge goes by breaking ice. Close up of a ship surrounded by icy waters. Another view of a ship. Close up of a sailor. Close up of a photograph of two ships. Close up of the "Winnipeg Canada's Wheat Center, National Grain" booklet. The director is talking to a man sitting at a desk in an office presumably in Canada House (London), he collects his belongings and leaves. The painter shakes hands with the man in the office, another man opens the door and shakes hands with the man in the office, the painter finally leaves. View of Canada House in Trafalgar Square, London, the painter walks across.
View of the road "Hays Mews" with two men walking by. The painter walks into the saloon bar entrance of a public house on Hays Mews in Mayfair, a man holding a violin starts playing but is discouraged by the narrator. View of the inside of the pub, the painter is talking to another man standing at the bar (the actor who plays Dick Barton), two men are sitting and talking at a table. Close up of the two men standing at the bar, one is smoking and drinking from a pint glass, the other is holding a pipe. Close up of the man holding the pipe. He reminiscises about his time as a sailor. View of a ship at sea. A man standing on a deck during rough seas. Waves rising onto the deck. View of men at sea. Rough sea. Shredded sails. View of high sails. Two men on a ship, one is looking up and the other one is not wearing a shirt, the man with no shirt is steering the ships wheel. Another view of the sailing ship. Close up of a man's face. The painter is back in his studio and has started a painting, he is examining it and does not look happy. He walks to the window carrying a colour pallet. He walks to the door and opens the door to a gentleman carrying a painting. He walks back into the room and looks among other paintings, the other man tries to walk through the door. The man carrying the painting is struggling as the painting is bigger than him. The painter looks around. Close up the painter slamming his hand against his forehead. View of the painting with the man's face smashed through it, he looks annoyed. Close up of the painter sliding his hand down his face and looking very cross. View of the man trying to and managing to get his head out of the painting, he drops the painting which now has a hole in it, and runs into a cupboard, clothes fall on top of him, he collects himself and dashes out closing the door behind him. The mess caused by the delivery. View of the painter shaking his head and laughing. The painting with a hole in it. Close up of the painter's face looking through the hole in the painting, he looks worried. He walks round the damaged painting and has an idea. He walks back to his own painting and starts painting a smashed hole. The camera focuses on the painted hole and the scene changes into a field with a man ploughing. View of earth exploding. A white house on the shores of a lake, the lake has the reflection of a house (possibly a water mill). Close up of the lake with the reflection of the water mill house. Close up of a windmill. A set of houses seen from the top of a windmill. Another angle of the windmill. The inside of the mill. A sack is pulled up with a rope. A miller lets grain fall into the grinder. Another view of the windmill. Close up of the painter painting a windmill. The painter admires his painting. The camera focuses on the painted hole and the scene changes into a modern mill in a harbour with a large ship. Close up of a modern mill. Modern milling equipment. A man is extracting metal from wheat by using a magnet, he leaves in a lift. A man is inspecting the wheat drying and washing. View of the washing stage. View of the wheat cleaned and ready to mill. View of the equipment used to mill wheat. A man is looking inside a container or milling equipment, he collects a few grains in his hand and inspects them. View of grain being weighed. The equipment used to blend wheat and of wheat being blended. Blended wheat is poured onto next stage. Close up of wheat grains. View of milling equipment shearing the wheat open. Purifying equipment for the flour making process. More equipment used to seive the wheat flour according to size etc. Close up of the seive. Close up of the flour being purified. Flour sacks transported on a convey belt, men dressed in white and wearing caps are filling sacks with flour. Close up of flour sack. Automated filling of self raising flour bags. Close up of a woman, she is wearing a white coat and a white cap on her head. Automated flour filling bags. View of modern mill in the harbour. Close up of a modern mill painted by the painter. The painter examines his painting while carrying a piece of bread on a fire poker, he picks up a bit of bread and eats it. View of a flour research laboratory. Two scientists examine flour. View of a scientist looking under the light microscope, there are several bottles on the laboratory bench. The laboratory with two scientist working with test tubes. Flour being mixed. Dough being streched. Several views of the laboratory showing dough and baking tests. Close up of laboratory technician examining loaves of bread. Loaves in the oven. Loaves in a bakery. Mass produced loaves. Bread making in a small bakery, flour is poured into a large bowl and is kneaded with water and yeast. View of the kneading. The bowl is opened to reveal the dough. The dough is covered with a cloth. A man flours a table. The painter writes in his note pad. The dough is uncovered. The painter writes in his note pad. The bakers cut the dough and transfer it in bits to the floured table. The bakers separate and weigh the bits of dough into loaf size pieces. The baker is kneading the loaf size pieces of dough. Moulding of the dough into loaves is done by a machine, the shaped dough is put into baking tins. The tins are baked in the oven. The tins are placed in the oven. The painter watches and writes in his note pad. More tins going into the oven. Baked loaves. Baked loaves stored on racks, a baker picks one up. A baker gives the painter a baked loaf.
A London street with a Newsreel cinema possibly near Piccadilly Circus. The inside of the cinema. An usherette shows him to his seat. He sits down and examines the loaf. He watches a film about bread, a still of a loaf of bread. The painter in the cinema. A breakfast scene is watched on screen. Close up of a baby sitting on a high chair and being fed. A boy is eating bread with jam. A restaurant, four men are eating at a table, a waiter brings bread. Close up of a man eating a piece of bread soaked in gravy. Close up of someone eating peas and holding bread. A man is eating bread and butter pudding. An afternoon tea is served by a maid to three ladies. A man is eating a sandwich. A man is sitting against a hay stack and eating bread. View a roman emperor's bust. The painter in the cinema. A woman is lying on the side of the road while other people walk by. Flour is distributed to refugees. A bakery window. A woman walks out of the bakery carrying a basket with a loaf of bread, she talks to another woman. Close up of the bread in the basket. The loaf on the painters lap. View of the darkened cinema room lightning up. The painter is sitting next to his neighbour. They stand up to allow people to leave their row and sit down again. The painter lits a cigarette. His neighbour says he directed the film they have just watched. The painter signs his painting "Foster". The painter admires his work. The painter adds finishing touches to the painting. The finished painting. Wheat in the field being stacked onto a cart.

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