Film: 9857

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Stockholm, Sweden 1950s
Panning high level view across Stockholm.
Riverside view of the Royal Palace building across the water with a crown on the railings and a river cruiser passing by. The old town of Stockholm, men walk along a narrow street, one pulls a hand cart. Narrow streets, people sit in a small garden courtyard and a little boy rides a bicycle.
Buildings in the outer suburbs, apartment blocks and high rise accommodation.
Slussen metro railway station, a train is in the platform and lots of people get off. Lots of commuters rushing to work.
View of the city taken from inside a lift going up to Katarinahissen viewpoint. Young boys dressed in traditional costume stand beside the railings at the viewpoint. View over a busy roundabout below. People sit at outside café tables enjoying the view, as waitresses serve.

Train goes over a bridge. A ferry from Finland comes into port. Overhead view to a passenger port. A car is craned onto a ferry as passengers walk up the gang plank. Views of Stockholm’s greener area, gardens and park benches. The Royal Palace with the statue of Charles XII in front. Opera House. Grand Hotel. National Museum of Art. White small steamer ship. A young boy leans over river railings dangling a fishing line. People line a bridge over the river. View down to a small fishing boat. Another boat lifts a fishing net. People watch from the bridge. A small number of fish are lifted from a large net. A band on horseback parade through the city. Crowds await their arrival at the Changing of the Guard. The Changing of the Guard ceremony.

Departing steamer ferry. Skansen. Picnic tables, small child has a pony ride. Polar bears at the zoo. POV from vehicle as it drives along the road. Swimming baths. A busy outdoor swimming pool being enjoyed by lots of people. Some sit on grassy banks around the pool, one dives off diving board, close up of feet before they leap into the pool. People sit at outside tables in their bathers. Kids splashing in the water. Many people lying around on sun beds basking.

People sit at a covered outside table in a courtyard garden. Stockholm’s parks and gardens, fountains and beds of colourful tulips. More flower beds in a public outdoor space, a young boy walks past with a rubber floatation device around his neck. Children play on a slide in a playground. Older kids play softball on a reserve in the residential area. High rise apartment buildings in the background. Panning view of a red brick multi storey public building.

Stockholm Shopping & Sights
Overhead view onto a city marketplace, lots of boxes of fruit and vegetables. Street view as filmed from passing vehicle. Shopping in Kungsholmen area. Display of vases. Shop worker gets a vase for a male shopping to look at. Swedish pottery. Couple look at crystal for sale. Street scenes, lots of pedestrians and views over roads that trams are moving along. Pleasure cruise along a river. POV from a boat as it passes small yacht harbours, riverside buildings and goes under bridges. A man speaks into a microphone, guide on the pleasure cruise. Further view from the boat of buildings and riverside greenery. City Hall, camera pans up to the top of the tower. People sit on the steps and grassy surrounds of the hall, basking in the sun. View of the river from City Hall. Drottningholm Palace exterior with statues in the foreground.

Looking up to the sky, a plane flies across. Bromma airfield, a passenger plane lands. Close up of SAS tail fin, Scandinavian Airlines Systems. Spinning propeller stops spinning. Passengers disembark.

Harness racing at Solvalla, views over the crowds and various clips of the racing. A man holds a light for a woman to light her cigarette before lighting his own. More racing.

Traffic drives along a tree lined road. Waldemarsudde art museum exterior view of the gardens. Close up of daisies in a flower bed. Millesgarden, a sculpture garden on the island of Lidingo Stockholm.

View towards water from a fast moving vehicle. A station, Saltsjobaden, people are moving along the platform. Wide view over water, with small yachts in the foreground and the Grand Hotel in the background. Two flags flying – the USA and Swedish flags. Men’s singles tennis match on a clay court. View of the crowds in the stands as their heads follow the play. Yachts, a sailing race in the fjord. Waterskiing. Two women ski together each holding a Swedish flag. Sunbathing along the shore. Waves lapping at rocks. Autumnal views of leaves. Two women horse riding in Stockholm during Autumn. A bridge in silhouette at dusk.

Fireworks in the night sky. Neon lights of the city and billboards advertising theatres and restaurants, Park, Dramatens, Sturehof and Embassy Club. Silhouette of City Hall. Ornate street lamps coming on. A swan flaps in the water at night. More street lamps and water after dark – very atmospheric, but dark.

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