Film: 9858

Places + Locations | 1970 | Sound | Colour + B/W


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This documentary covers many subjects fitted into a fairly short space of time. The subjects of discussion are relevant to The Netherlands even though such topics are also relevant worldwide 1970's

The documentary focuses on how topics like industrialisation and transport affect the country. The documentary also includes an historical element, and tries hard to appear diverse and works well with the discussion of numerous subjects in a short amount of time. Finally it is important to add that this documentary film is of an educational nature, informing the reader of how Dutch industries operate.
Traditional Dutch landscape of windmills surrounded by water feature. Dutch landscape, same as featured before the credits. The following shows city life at its most hectic in Holland. Cars are first shown driving towards the camera, a busy street with many people walking by, 1960's music is functioning as sound for this scene. As bicycles are shown riding towards the screen the commentator states that there are six million bikes in The Netherlands which clearly outnumber the car population, camera focuses on the cars. 1960's music is still playing whilst Dutch landscape is shown from a bird's eye view. This landscape changes to an industrial scenery surrounded by water. People are again shown walking in the city. The music now changes with the change of scenery, to another bird's eye view of landscape, the music is now of a more slower pace which fits well with the landscape. Sea and land is shown with a map that is displayed over the picture, the outline of the map is only displayed. Black and white footage appears, we are first introduced to the fierce Dutch sea and the violent sound of wind, some farmers are shown to be leading their cattle to safety. Following scene is in colour, industrial setting, a diagram is displayed on screen. A painting from the 16/17th century is revealed, the painting is of a group of Dutch merchants sitting around a table, close up of three of the merchants and then follows three separate close ups of three individuals, music plays of this period. Music continues when a shot of a church replaces the painting, it is stated that the church is five hundred years old, the camera first focuses on the church clock, a part of tree is also caught in this frame. The camera rises to the top of the church, close up of the monument which is situated at the top church. Close up of another monument of a man born in Rotterdam, another close up of another figure from Delft. The side of the church is viewed, with the camera focusing on important figures. Landscape of grass and trees is shown, a man is walking away from the camera, to the side of him is the bottom part of a large windmill. Bird's eye view of the city revealing The Netherlands' industrial side, as the camera pans across the city trees and water can be seen-famous Dutch attributes. A tractor is being driven in the corn fields by a typical looking Dutchman, to the side a runway is visible. It is only revealed due to an airplane taking off, the camera then focuses on the tractors cargo which is a large amount of hay. A field is shown where cattle is kept, as the camera pans across the field an industrial site can be seen behind the field. A public pool in a park is being enjoyed by many people, as the camera moves away it is possible to another industrial site. A motorway is shown next with cars driving towards the camera. 1960's music plays, a property development area is shown, large apartment buildings. Close up of a businessman studying land from a specially designed map for property development. We are introduced to Rotterdam in the following scene, it is described as being the most active port in the world, the camera pans across the port, the camera focuses on a ship, the commentator mentions that Rotterdam was nearly completely destroyed in the Second World War, the camera moves away from the close up view of the ship revealing a larger section of the port. Rotterdam's activity and a large amount of vessels from countries worldwide passing through the port, the camera focuses on one of the boat's names "Ipswich Progress" to emphasize Rotterdam's worldwide market, as the commentator discusses the diversity of cargo which is brought into Rotterdam there is a close up of a vessel carrying logs and another carrying sand. Different types of industries in Rotterdam are mentioned - oil and shipping, a close up of a man repairing a boat, close up of a ship leaving the port, inside of the vessel, a man is walking down the stairs, the stairs fade into a close up of an laboratory instrument as the camera moves away a man is shown to be conducting an experiment. Close up of Dutch architecture (something else that the Dutch are well known for).
Men are working in a factory. Camera focuses on an aeroplane at an airport, the commentator is now discussing transport. On the motorway a lorry is transporting new cars. It is explained that Dutch companies produce almost anything on wheels. Back in the factory where car parts are seen on the assembly line. Outside of the factory a new car is being sent away, close up, music plays. Music stops close up of a computerised board, featuring numbers which change rapidly, industrial sounds can be heard. People are working in an electronic factory. Scenery of a tourist boat on a canal, situated in Amsterdam but the commentator does not mention this detail. Close up of a Volvo sign with a Volvo flag next to it, the sign changes to Cannon to Matluko to Holiday Inn to Banqe de Paris to Johnson, the documentary film is showing how industries on an international level since 1945 have profited in Holland. The next scene shows an example of how older companies have declined, pictures of disused factories are shown. Back to the assembly again, a young man is being given training it is a part of a government plan to improve work prospects. Residential area, two elderly women walk by as the camera pans to the side a group of elderly people are seen to be relaxing, enjoying their retirement which the commentator reveals is due to social programming in The Netherlands "no one feels financial burden", close up of an old woman. Houses by a canal. People are sitting inside a church singing hymns, close up of the main window above the altar, camera turns again to the worshippers. An Indonesian family are walking down the street. Close up of an Indonesian immigrant woman walking in the city, the commentator states that many Indonesian people have found a home in The Netherlands as Indonesia was a part of the former Dutch empire. Bird's eye view of crammed houses in the city, housing is a big problem in Holland. Music plays, location changes to the property development area which was filmed earlier on, workmen are building new houses as the commentator mentions there is a huge increase in people wanting to move into the city, camera pans across the development area. A busy street indicating a large population for the size of the country, music of a slow tempo is played. Close up on a heap of wrecked cars with smoke rising from the cars, camera rises to the peak of the black smoke. Black screen. White smoke which is from an industrial site, the commentator now briefly discusses how this international problem affects Holland. A road is shown filled by men on motorbikes. A plane flies towards the screen, flying from Holland's main airport, near Amsterdam, this image fades into a monument situated in the centre of Amsterdam, Dam Square. Tourists are sitting at the bottom of the monument, the camera pans across focusing on the activities the city like a man selling newspapers.
B/W clip of a riot between the police and youths in Amsterdam in the 1960's, pop music of that period is played, two policemen carry a protester down stairs outside a building, the riot occurred due to a demonstration. Youths stand in the road throwing objects at the police who are at a safe distance. Close up of a broken window. Close up of fighting youths throwing objects. Another man is carried down the stairs by police. Riot at night an ambulance is surrounded by police. A small fire occurs in the middle of the city, a few people are still running about but it appears to be end of the riot.
The following scene features a farmer pushing a wheelbarrow full of hay. A close up of a businessman at a meeting, music is playing. Next scene is B/W, a labour union protest march, close up of the banners, the protesters enter a building. Close up of a vicar inside the meeting, the commentator explains that despite The Netherlands being a religious nation, clergy members ask for reform. Members of the clergy are seated at a meeting.
The following scene is in colour, a group of young people are sitting in the garden of their university, The University of Leiden, the commentator states that Dutch students are concerned about "issues of the world". Bird's eye view of the city. People walking in the city. Bird's eye view of urban landscape. People in the city. Bird's eye view of a large area of the city, a motorway, buildings and water surrounding the city is visible. People are again filmed walking in the city, fades into landscape, fades into a coloured map of The Netherlands/Europe, the camera moves away to reveal a model of the earth, music plays, camera continues to slowly move away, credits appear over the model, same credits as featured at the beginning.

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