Film: 9859

Entertainment + Leisure | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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'Man requires rest in a busy world'. Meditation promotes calmness, understanding, deep meditation should me part of a daily routine. Rather 1960's new age therapy.

Geometric pattern on a screen of blue, the voice-over is soft and soothing.
Very large road digging machine. 'Boys' - noisy and rattling. Road plant. Various plants. Diggers. JCB's, various angles. Close-up of caterpillar tracks. Close-up of bucket on JCB emptying its load. Exterior of 1960's office block. Pan along one floor with typists and office workers. Medium shot of man smoking a cigarette right next to a 'No Smoking' sign in a warehouse. Street level view of crowds of people walking by. Close-up pan of feet waiting in a bus queue. People carrying bags. Traffic in the city. Cars indicators, 1960's style pop-art, cars direction indicates in close-up. Waiting in traffic. Close-up of gloved hands tapping the steering wheel with impatience. Close-up of traffic lights changing from stop, red to go, green. Roaming traffic towards us. Road rage expressed by driver complaining of car ahead being too slow. Man fills car with petrol. Old style Esso petrol pump with dial going around, showing the gallons. Motorway traffic. Express train passes in countryside. Funfair with pop music on the roundabout. Ferris wheel. Side shows. Candy floss on sticks. A peaceful forest, sun shining through the branches. Ducks. More streets. Shop window with dummy and sale prices. Talk about the stress's of modern living. Dummies interact with street crowds. Good 1960's cars.

Woman shuts the window. Sits in a chair and meditates. Forest, primroses, tall trees. People talk about meditation and how it effect them. Lakes and pools. Philosophy. Close-up of woman opening her eyes.

Cranes lift and carry buckets. Bright lights of Piccadilly Circus. Landscape. Water eddying across peddles. People still talking over the pictures about how meditation has effected them. Religious readings over woman with eyes closed. Track back through stained glass window, down the house then up to the roof. Religious music.

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