Film: 9860

War + Military | 1980 | Sound | B/W


World War One American perspective, lead up to the war.

Photograph of Sarajevo, Bosnia, Yugoslavia. Photo of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Archduchess Sophie. Photos of procession. Reconstruction of assassination. Photo of corpses. Close up of Chicago Daily Tribune headline. Close up of heavy gun barrel. Montage of trench warfare. Newsreel of war showing French cavalry attacking German infantry. Map of Europe showing geopolitical position of Germany. Kaiser Wilhelm II reviews his cavalry. Cavalry and infantry parade through Berlin, past the Brandenburg Gate. Montage of Austro-Hungarian subject peoples. Emperor Franz Josef and the Archduchess. Montage of Serb citizenry. Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. Magazine illustration of 1899 Hague Disarmament Conference. Mark I tank fells tree. Pilot boards a Nieuport fighter. Photos of Dreadnought class battleships. Photos from the Russo-Japanese war. Tsar reviews troops. Map showing Britain. Newsreel of Royal Naval manoeuvres. A signalman. Photos of Houses of Parliament. Photos of Churchill at hustings and in South Africa during Boer War. Montage of World War one battle scenes accompanied by Churchill's writings on war. Map highlighting France. Photo of President Poncare. French troops mass for inspection. Close up of Bismarck accompanied by his warning of a new war. Montage of Balkans - Bosnia, Serbia, Constantinople. Close up of Archduke's assassin - Gavrilo Princip among co-conspirators. Serbian ministers. Close up of Austrian paper - Arbeiter Zeitung. German army on manoeuvres. Close up of German Foreign Minister Bettmann-Hollweg. German, French and Russian troops on parade. Austrian cavalry in action. Telegram in which Austria declared war on Serbia. Artillery officer timing firing sequence. Close up of heavy gun being loaded. Montage of heavy guns in action. British, French, German, Russian troops going over the top.

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