Film: 9861

War + Military | 1980 | Sound | B/W


World War One from an American perspective in 1917 to 1919
Long shot of the White House. President Woodrow Wilson in Oval Office with back to the camera. Close-up of crown waving Stars and Stripes. Wilson leads procession. Women of America march with parasols held aloft. Shopkeepers and trades people march with banners. George Creel establishes Committee on Public Information. Elephants parade the streets emblazoned with propaganda slogans. John Philip Sousa conducting in park. Close-up. Metropolitan Opera star Anna Case sings to crowd. Writers Booth Tarkington, Edna Ferber and William B. Howells. Mary Pickford sells Liberty Bonds. Marie Dressler threatens Kaiser publicly. Poster eliciting sympathy for Belgium. Close-up of man, on being enlisted, having his head shaved. Servicemen being issued with uniforms. Evangelist Billy Sunday preaches to crowd. Wilson in top hat reviews the troops. Downtown Washington with crowds milling. The Plaques of new government agencies. Businessmen gather before the camera. Herbert Hoover heads new food programme. Labourers till the soil. Women at work in factories, stacking crates, loading trains, cleaning train windows. 'Slacker' being driven out of Birmingham, Alabama, U.S.A. Delicatessens and German businesses being boycotted. More troops on the march. Private kisses woman before boarding train. Overhead shot of idle marshalling yards as train strike sets in. Streets clogged with trams. Woman being pushed through window into tram. Photo of Bernard Baruch as industry pushed to produce more efficiently. Heavy gun suspended over factory floor. Tracking shot over floor of armaments factory. Aircraft fuselage brought out of factory on trolley. Ship being launched. Prototype tanks being tested. Blacks on munitions work. Black corpse following race riot. Poster threatening 'Enemy Aliens' with expulsion. Man in stocks. Street scenes of servicemen policing vigilantes. Servicemen patrol roofs. IWW (International Workers of the World) mass meeting. Photo of 'Big Bill' Hayward. Photo of Eugene V. Debs addressing Socialists. Extract from propaganda film 'America's Answer' showing artillery in action near Atton, France. Doughboys marching through wood. German prisoners-of-war. Wilson speaks to the nation. Triumphant procession with flag-strewn official car.

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