Film: 9862

War + Military | 1980 | Sound | B/W


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World War One. Good concise summary
August 1914. Medium shot of a flame-thrower in action. Germany mobilizes against France, Austria against Serbia. Montage of trench warfare; troops huddled in dugouts, explosions, troops negotiating barbed wire. Aircraft strafing. Tracking shot of aircraft pursuing another. Ditched German fighter. Mark IV tank looming over trench. Map showing Eastern and Western fronts. Montage of naval battle. French troops (poilus) and British tommies walking along trench. Close-up of helmet being attached to rifle as memorial for dead soldier. Germans mobilized for Schlieffen Plan. Wives and daughters seeing troops off on train. German cavalry in Belgium. French troops march into Alsace-Lorraine. Troops with bicycles. Photo of King Albert of the Belgians. British declaration of war in Washington Post. French infantry and artillery divisions mobilize north of Paris. Close-ups of French machine-guns and gunners. Photo of General von Moltke. German troop trains heading for Eastern Front. Germans under attack from French along the Marne. German prisoners-of-war. The casualties. Photo of Germans featuring Hitler. Photo of the French featuring de Gaulle. Austrians repelled by Serbia. Headlines in German press. Turkey mobilizes. Russia mobilizes against East Prussia. The Russian dead at Tannenberg. Hindenberg and Ludendorff. British, Australian and New Zealander troops at Gallipoli peninsula. Photo of Churchill. Japanese accompany Allied shipping in Far East. British ships in North Atlantic corridor. Stars and Stripes flying on White House lawn. President Wilson in Oval Office. American armaments industry in full swing. German U-Boat periscope in close-up. Tracking shot showing submarine torpedo sights. American merchant ship sinking. American public march brandishing flags. Interior of Congress. Wilson signs declaration of war. Russian people revolt rushing into Royal Palace. Photo of Kerensky's provisional government. Photo of Lenin. New York Times headline declaring Russian armistice. Americans queuing at train station to embark. Troop train leaving American. British, French, Russian and German propaganda accompanied by popular song 'You Gotta Get Up in the Morning.' 'Doughboys' (American servicemen preparing to march. Factory interior showing women fitting shell casings. 'Liberty' ship disembarking. Biplane being pushed out of hangar. Close-up of wing of airborne plane. Montage of aerial dogfights. The tank, the long-range field artillery, the gas attack. Doughboys disembarking. American fighting at the trenches. A montage accompanied by woman singing 'Over There.'

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