Film: 9865

History | 1970 | Sound | Colour + B/W


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John Terraine and Peter Ustinov, history of early Twentieth Century.

Archive film - Imperial Review of Austro-Hungarian army in 1910. Imperial armies marching Troop train passes in Europe. Trucks and carts loaded with supplies.
Charging cavalry circa 1900, possibly French.
1909 Louis Bleriot flies plane across the English channel.
Circa 1910 newspaper presses and typesetters at work.
Launch of German battleship.
Funeral of King Edward VII (this may differ from other examples held -to be checked). Hearse passes followed by massed ranks of British and European royalty possibly at a railway station.
Kaiser talks to a man in spiked helmet in countryside.
Italian Navy invade Tripoli, soldiers come ashore down pontoon. Italians defeat Turkey in 1911 in Tripoli.
Troops from Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece prepare to attack Turkey. Turkish prisoners of war.
1914 Franz Ferdinand gets out of car in Sarajevo. Funeral of Ferdinand

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