Film: 9868

Medicine | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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A health film on heart disease and heart attacks and whose lifestyle leads them to be at risk 1970's

Opening sequence. On a black screen, there are numbers appearing from 5 to 1. In each large number, a person doing their everyday job can be seen. Narrator explains that one in every five people will have a heart attack. The professions which can be seen are:
5. Businessman talking on the telephone
4. Man in donkey jacket outside - possibly a labourer
3. woman wearing telephone headset operating a switchboard
2. an old man writing
1. a young man
The sound of a beating heart can be heard. Green dash goes across screen - like hospital heart-rate monitor.
Pan over a heart attack patient lying prostrate on a bed, surrounded by electrical monitors. The male doctor stands at the bedside, reading a chart. He makes a typical diagnosis (clearly staged). Cut to man in office. There is a world map behind his desk. He stands, buttoning his jacket. He puts papers into his briefcase. There is an ashtray containing a lighted cigarette on his table. Picture freezes on his face. He is introduced as Raymond Hodger - Overseas Marketing Manager. Cut to man in donkey jacket operating a pneumatic drill by a roadside. Freeze frame on his face. He is Fred Carr - road worker. Close up on switchboard operator, Dorothy Webb. She lights a cigarette. Cut to old man in brown overall. He stands beside a conveyor belt with tins of p[aint on it. He is Kenneth Miles, Supervising Technician. Cut to close up of Trevor King, Computer Operator. He picks up a large computer file, Each of the five is shown in quick succession, framed by their numbers. Trevor's number is replaced by a question mark …. Who will have a heart attack before retirement? Raymond enters his house and removes his overcoat. His wife's voice (off camera) calls out to him. He looks tired and stressed. Close up on his wife's face chastising him for being late. Raymond ignores her and picks up a pile of mail. Mrs Raymond follows him. Raymond sits and pours himself a large gin. Mrs Raymond bleats on at him from the doorway. Raymond smokes. Close up on old-style dial telephone. Mrs Raymond picks it up. Raymond takes the call - it's about business. Close up on Raymond's face as narrator declares the reasons for him being a very likely candidate for a coronary. Outside, Mrs Raymond waits anxiously in a car for Raymond.
Cut to Fred digging the road with a colleague. Point of drill cutting through concrete. Man in hard hat behind hits concrete with a spade. Fred wipes sweat from his brow. Cut to inside a cosy pub. Fred strides in and orders a lovely pint of stout. He downs it in one (close up) and orders another. Fred enters the betting shop where he is greeted by name. He fills out a betting slip. He passes the slip to a woman who sits behind a glass screen, next to a very old fashioned till. She writes the odds 5-1 in red pen on his slip and hands it back. Cut to Dorothy and two teenage children walking hurriedly down a street. She is smoking. They all wear flared trousers. The three get on the back of a red London bus (no. 28 going to Golders Green). Dorothy continues to smoke and they go upstairs. Dorothy runs down a London street - still smoking. Dorothy bursts through the door of her office. She is already wearing her headset. She coughs. She smokes again. Close up on telephone dial and plugs going into switchboard ports. Dorothy drinks a lovely cup of tea. Dorothy in her kitchen at home. There is dirty crockery piled high in the sink and on the work surface. There is a large teapot and a dirty, full ashtray beside it. She goes into the living room and argues with her son. She coughs throughout.
Cut to Kenneth, watching the conveyor belt. Tins of Dulux trade matt trundle past. He walks away briskly, carrying a red file. He opens a cupboard containing electrical circuits and consults a page in his file. Cut to wires and dials. Kenneth's worried face hangs over the electrics and he gingerly pokes about with a screwdriver. Pallet of tins is lowered from a machine. Kenneth touches a wire and the pile of tins falls and spills. Close up of Kenneth's face, partially obscured by shadow. He lowers a model railway on to his workbench (at home). He looks lovingly at the railway. Medium shot of full track - it's huge! Close up of model train: Kenneth's son joins him and they look at trains. Cut to Kenneth walking at a brisk but unhurried pace through a London street. Cut to chess set. Kenneth and opponent play a game. He takes off his glasses and rubs his eyes. The pressure's getting to him. Cut back to paint tins falling (editing suggests this is on his mind). He knocks over a chess piece.

Cut to Trevor. He speaks on the phone next to a panel of flashing lights. His colleague sits in front of him. Camera follows Trevor as he goes to a cabinet where tapes/film is rolling and makes an adjustment. Good early technology.
Cut to Trevor in blue jogging suit running over bridge across the River Thames. He runs alongside the Thames. Cut to Trevor and the local running club in a forest. They jump over a fallen branch. Slow motion shot of Trevor in silhouette running past the Thames. Cut to green sensor for monitoring heart rate. It flashes from lfet to right across the screen. Heartbeat sound can be heard. Cut to Raymond talking on the phone. Raymond looks at his wristwatch. Cut to Fred downing a pint. Cut to Dorothy shouting at her children and coughing severely. Cut to chess-clock. Pan out to see Kenneth making a move and rubbing his eyes. Cut to Trevor in his house wheezing and sweating. Black screen with a big blue figure 5 in the centre. Blue screen with a black one (?). Heart-rate monitor (actual) and dials and wires coming out of it. Pan across to bed where Trevor is lying with his shirt open. Doctor's face in close-up telling him that his heart is fine but he must stop running. Cut to Raymond and wife in car, driving at night. Cut to Fred, digging with pneumatic drill. Cut to Dorothy drinking tea and smoking. Cut to Kenneth walking in London. Blue screen. Titles appear
1. Avoid fatty foods
2. Guard against stress
3. Give up smoking
4. Exercise and keep your weight down
5. see a doctor if you have serious anxieties
Under caption 1, a blurred photo of Raymond appears. Cut to illustration of fatty foods - hard cheeses and cream and milk. Illustration of a plate containing a meat joint, mushrooms and chips. While meat fat forms the word "cholesterol" illustrated red blood vessels appear behind it. Word "cholesterol" breaks up and lines the illustrated artery. Diagram of heart muscle. Inside diagram. Illustarted representation of high meat-eating countries appear (E.G. Beefeater in England, Gendarme in France, Italian waiter next to Leaning Tower of Pisa etc.) Illustration of vegetables. Under caption 2 is a photo of Fred. A soundwave crosses Fred's face to illustrate the noise stress he is subject to at work. Photo of Fred's hand holding a pint. Cut to illustrations of typical pub meals ( white bread sandwiches, sausage and beans, pie and scotch egg ) Under caption 3 is a photo of Dorothy. Diagram of lungs. Line of illustrated cigarettes. Every fifth one falls over to demonstrate the amount of smoking-related deaths. Under caption 4 is a photograph of Trevor. Cut to cartoon slob in an armchair. He has a cigarette hanging out of his mouth and a pallid complexion. Cut to cartoon slob straining himself with exercise - push-ups and weightlifting and running. Under caption 5 is a photograph of Kenneth. Cut to cartoon of stressed worker looking at broken paint tins. Cartoon stressed man has blood pressure taken. He thinks of sleeping in a thought bubble. Narrator recaps the five instructions. See bookmaker's clerk writing the odds of 5-1 in red pen. End titles.

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