Film: 9869

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Isle of Man 1950's

From high up a view of Douglas seafront. Woman in one piece red bathing costume and man in blue swimming trunks run down concrete steps to a sandy beach. They each carry towels, take off their plimsolls and run to the sea, she putting her bathing cap on as they run. Side view of them running into sea, the curving bay of Douglas hotels in the background. They dive in and swim. Mother and father in bay window of a guesthouse or small hotel eating breakfast. Their late teenage boy and girl join the parents and sit down to breakfast. They take napkins and spread them on their laps. Maid serves breakfast plate. Man walks down steps from guesthouse. He carries a wicker basket and what might be a fishing rod in its component parts. He places these in the back of his open topped red car. He wears a hat. On first floor balcony of hotel, man stands with his hands on his hips of his double breasted jacket. He leans over balcony. View of wide seaside road as open topped red car pulls away.
A family of mother, father, ten year old girl and two younger boys emerge from gate of a hotel (?) and approach a car. Family get in car as two men and women walk along pavement wearing tennis whites and blazers. They carry tennis rackets or tennis racquets. A boatman pushes a rowing boat off a sandy shore and into harbour. It has six or seven children in it. Bay at Port Erin on south west coast. Two men looking at a prehistoric stone circle which is fenced off. Black dog accompanies one of the men. A river valley leading to Snaefell mountain. Glen Rushen. Couple in field near the 'Plains of Heaven'. The small island to the south of the Isle of Man - the Calf of Man. Coastal scene at Spanish Head. Niarbyl Bay, with a whitewashed cottage on the coast. A village of whitewashed and thatched cottages at Cregneish - children run into one of the cottages. Two women in very 1950's skirts walk in a field of brown and white cows. Caldy Glen and man fly fishing. Ronaldsway Airport. Aircraft taxiing in distance near airport buildings. Passengers in airport restaurant look out of windows at taxiing plane. Very good shot.
Interior of airport building. Douglas Harbour and four people waiting, pan up to Liverpool ferry steaming towards us in the distance in the Irish Sea. Closer shot of single funnel ship. Ship passing breakwater into harbour. Crowd waiting on a raised platform. They wear warm clothes. Red funnel of ship. People disembark on gangplank. Several shots. People on quayside walk along en masse. The front at Douglas with a horse drawn open cart pulling along as people jump off. The crowded beach. Donkey rides. Children on donkeys. Two sisters on beach - younger one runs and picks up bucket. A mother helps her child to make a sandcastle. Boy and girl at water's edge. Childern play in the shallow sea, clambering over a partly submerged wagon. People sun bathe. Young couple on beach, the man gets the girl's ball for her.
Views across the resorts and bays of Chapel Bay, Port Erin, Peel, Onchan, Laxey, Derbyhaven with golfers in the foreground and Ramsey. Ramsey Park and sailing on the lake. Group in a small rowing boat viewed from above. Golf. Couples having lunch in hotel dining rooms whilst looking out to the promenade.
Three 20 something women on beach have a picnic. Family having picnic in hills. Angler eating his picnic lunch next to river. He has a picnic hamper next to him. He indicates 'the one that got away' and places his hands 'so far' apart - 'one foot? 18 inches?, well one foot anyway' says the commentary.
At Laxey Wheel older brother uses box Brownie type of stills camera to take picture of younger brother. The wheel. Train with family examining engine. Engine whistles and family rush to get in a carriage. Narrow gauge train moves off. Snaefell Mountain Railway carriage. In Douglas the horse-drawn 'toast rack' on the front with passengers on it. Man drives a car past Castle Rushton. Two boys stage a mock sword fight with swords and shields on drawbridge. St. Patrick's Isle of Peel. The harbour and herring fleet. People walk on shore at Peel - one has a dog on a lead. It is sunset.
Two teenagers again run into the sea at Douglas. A swimming pool. Two women wearing one-piece swim suits and caps climb out. The Fairy Bridge. Joke piece with man greeting little people at the bridge and bemusing a passing bicyclist. Car drives off in cloud of smoke. Car has a GBM national registration sticker on back. Yachts at Port St. Mary. Boy in nice 1950's yellow pullover looking through binoculars. Flowers on island. Gorse. Woman rides horse through ford. Flower bed in Douglas - three legged symbol. Heather moors. Carnations. Weekly bathing beauty competition. Judges are American naval types. Large numbers in audience in deck chairs. Girls lined up. Judges laugh. Winner presented with sash. Applauding audience. Dance troop and variety act. Neon lights - 'Café' and Isle of Man logo. Open air service at Isle's oldest church.
Teenagers pass a shop window with large map of IOM in window. Girl outlines course of the TT race. Senior TT race. Canon Sterning in attendance. Start by pushing bikes. The crowd. The race course and bike travelling fast along it. Three bikes quite close. Parliament Square in Ramsey. In the country. Sidecar event. Four bikes and sidecars go round an S-bend. Bicycle race.
Tynwald Day is an open air festival. Al y Glas glen with couple. Crowded beach. Steamer leaving harbour. Port Erin. Bay of glen May with couple on cliff top. Empty beach. Another boat arriving in evening.

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