Film: 9877

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Coach trips in UK 1950's

People waiting for the coach. Coach turns up and passengers board. The coach drives through a Welsh mining village. Early in the morning, misty. View of the village and the valley - houses and factory.

Another coach turns up and people get on board - this is in Mansfield.
View of a church tower. Various shots of the coach driving through English countryside and English villages, some in very foggy weather.

Dartmoor. Road sign - "Road Beware Animals". Farmers with their flock of sheep on the road. Coach approach them slowly and the sheep move. Cows crossing the road and more cows on the moors, very dark and misty. Moving shot of the coach from the point of view of the driver and passenger. Horses running on the moors. More shots of coach driving through the countryside, shots seen from the point of view of the driver.

Cotswold. Coach driving though a village in Cotswold. Some thatched roof cottages. Lake District. Malvern Hills. Wye Valley Tea garden. People having tea and chatting. Mother and baby sit and share sandwich. Coach drives through a village and arrives at "The Roman Theatre of Verulamium A.D.140 The Only Roman Theatre in Great Britain" in Hertfordshire. View of the remains of the Roman Theatre. The coach party listens to the guide's talk on the Roman Theatre.

London. Euston Arch. Group of school children (boys) on a school trip in London. All in their school uniform. They come up to the camera and wave and smile. Double-decker bus with Heinz Spaghetti advert on the side. Drivers climb onto their seats from the side of the bus. Boys on the school trip board the red double-decker bus. Tower Bridge. The Tower of London. Beefeater in their Tudor outfit talking to the children. Bloody Tower at the Tower of London.

High Wycomb. Coaches parked outside houses and old ladies board the bus. A driver helping the ladies onto the coach. The coaches leave, and people see their families off, lots of waving.

Brighton. Water gently hitting the pebble beach. People dipping their feet in the water, laughing. Brighton dodgems.

Lake District. Hound race near Lake Windermere. Lots of dogs at the start line. Big crowd at the race. Racing across the fields, shots of dogs running. The coach party getting off the coach to set up a picnic and having sandwiches, tea and cakes etc.

Men and boys fishing at the Norfolk Broads.

Cambridge. Band playing to a spectator attending a Regatta. Shots of the band. Trip on the river Wye on a small boat. View of the houses seen from the boat.

Chatsworth House in Derbyshire. The famous waterfall in the gardens. Lots of visitors.

Hatfield House in Hertfordshire. Exterior shots. Visitors touring the house (the shot is too dark to see where they are in the house). Lots of shadows of people walking.

Excellent shots of Tintern Abbey. Brighton Pier and seafront.

Driver and passenger board the coach for the journey home. Inside the coach. Various shots of the passengers. Coach driving down a road (point of view of the driver) More shots of passenger and the road. Telegraph poles. Sunset (very dark and not very clear). Seashore. Sunset reflecting onto the sea.

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