Film: 988

Places + Locations | 1930 | Sound | B/W


Morocco, North Africa. 1930's

An overview of possibly TANGIER is the opening shot of the Barbary Coast from where in the past the Cortez Pirates wreaked havoc on unwary ships in the passing waters.
We then home in on the busy streets of FEZ with a Water Seller plying his trade.
Many people come here; with craftsmen, carpet weavers etc bartering in the many crowded corners.
01m.59ss:- Beggars are heard calling for “Alms in the love of Allah”. Whilst others are performing ceremonial rights before they set to work that day.
02m.32ss:- A Macaque Monkey is busy grooming a willing customer of his master.
02m.50ss:- A car is now passing through the Western Gate leaving behind the markets and Souks .
03m.23ss:- Approaching RABAT with its famous ramparts and battlements where the Sacred Storks are busy nesting.
03m.45ss:- Procession of the Golden Coach going to the Mosque. Followed by Hassan on horseback with umbrella bearer to shield him from the heat.
04m.16ss:- Now along the Barbary Coast to AGADIR, Where on arrival all travellers are searched for contraband before being allowed entry to the city. Here the streets are broad and rather more modern.
05m.02ss:- Pottery is popular and bakers are seen making the local long flat loaves for immediate sale.
05m.34ss:- Back on the road toward the City Gate of ? Where we see the Native Drums and ritual dances which eventually lead to an hypnotic state.
06m.22s:- A similar endurance test is also produced by dancing on hot coals.
06m.59ss:- Back on the road again passing beasts of burden with breathtaking views of the ATLAS MOUNTAINS with their snow capped peaks.
07m.29ss:- MARAKESH and the famous Arab horses racing along a track.
07m. 39ss:- Much bartering in the Camel Market by Buyers and Sellers.
08m.00ss:- A snake charmer with a fascinated crowd is watching his skill in hypnotising the snake to submission.
08m.36ss:- TANGIER and end of journey.
09m.00ss:- THE END.

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