Film: 9880

Shipping | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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H.M.S. Ark Royal in the Mediterranean Sea in the 1970's.

Operations on board H.M.S. Ark Royal. Pilots cleaning into cock-pit. Radar. Crewman pulls 'missiles' across deck on trolley. Flight control. Royal Navy rescue helicopter on deck …and take off. Aircraft handlers, below decks. Called to action. Ship on life-jackets. Captain and mate on the bridge. Officer operating sextant. Instructions given to engine room. Acknowledged in engine room. Ships wheel hand-turned as requested. Speed adjusted . Aerial new Ark Royal. Aircraft being wheeled into place on deck. Flight crew briefing. Deck crew put on five-proof suits. Pilots walk to their aircraft. The bridge. Flight control room / tower. Gannet aircraft (collapsible wing), headed into place by ground crew. Helicopter takes off - from deck, and or flow flight control. Aircraft taking off / sequence includes Phantom, Buccaneers. Royal Navy Air Rescue alongside as aircraft taxis into view. Collapsible wings set to flight position.

Flight deck crewman gives the 'all-dear' signal for take-off. Takeoff! Flight deck crew pull aircraft into place, give 'thumbs-up' and get clear. Aircraft take off from deck level and to the fore. A second aircraft takes off, helicopter alongside, visible in background. Aerial shot aircraft leaving Ark Royal towards camera. Flight control in radio contact with aircraft. Aircraft flying above the sea. Helicopter. Point Of View from inside helicopter - pilots and sea. Aerial view cruiser 'Galatea'. Navigation room, red lightning. Officer in radio contact. Junior officer looks on. Helicopter over ship, over sea. Interior. Sea King helicopter practising a drop into the sea. Sea King landing on deck of Glatea. Order given to shot. Ships gun fire. Semaphore(flash light) signals. Close-up signal operation. Guns fire. View in extreme close-up gun barrel, move to reveal gunners in revolving turret. Repeated shots from pump-action gun. Officer gives order to cease firing. Sea king (HMS Galatea) takes off from deck. Revolving radar bank. Aerial view Ark Royal. Officer given a briefing. Fly-past eight aircraft (phantoms?). Russian destroyer as seen from flight control. Close-up Buccaneer coming into land. Flight crew running. Close to deck. Second Buccaneer lands. A third as seen from off ship. Royal Navy Helicopter. Front on view, aircraft landing. Radar. Close-up cock pit as aircraft lands, and reveal whole. View of landing from control tower. Ship alongside Ark Royal: refuel. A third ship, on Ark Royal's starboard side - supply ships. Sequence of shots of 3 ships. Pipes run from the tanker to A.R. Ganges. Deck crew holding cables/ropes. Stores slid down canvas chute. Stores passed along a human chain. Flour arriving in the bakery. The kitchens, Dough ready for the order. The baker draws a tray of bread rolls from the oven.

Ark Royal turning. Sunset. Close-up radio contact aircraft. Launching at sunset, A.R. in full view. Close-up engineer firing at dusk. Pan back to reveal aircraft launching. P.O.V. from deck of 2 ships at sea. Control tower, head on. Close-up over-the-shoulder of observation post - man in helmet looking through binoculars. Top shot A.R., the late sun shining on its deck. Man making notes in operation's room - red light. Captain on the bridge. A.R. entering Naples harbour. Royal Navy band on deck. Anchor away.

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