Film: 9881

Sport | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Initial shot of Bill Edrich of Middlesex and England with spin bowler Jim Sims of Middlesex and England and wicketkeeper Godfrey Evans of Kent and England, outdoors in cricket kit.
Batting - Edrich is batting at indoor nets. The use of the right weight of bat is emphasised as is the correct hand grip on the handle. The stance of the wicket is shown as is the body position. Edrich goes on to demonstrate the forward stroke and the back stroke. The forward defensive stroke is shown emphasising the weight of the body on each foot. The backward defensive shot is then demonstrated. Edrich goes on to demonstrate the cover drive, paying attention to feet and wrist movement. This is followed by the late cut with attention on feet movement and body weight. The leg glide is demonstrated off both the front and back foot. Hooking is the next shot demonstrated, emphasis paid on wrist and foot movement. The straight drive comes next with emphasis on the left foot forward, then the off drive, a similar shot but different return angle. Edrich then goes through the shots he has demonstrated using a ball. Emphasis on stance, feet movement, wrists and head and shoulder movement. The action then moves outdoors to a grass wicket. Edrich bats with Godfrey Evans keeping wicket and Jim Sims bowling. Firstly a backwards defensive shot, followed by a leg glide. A lofted drive is then demonstrated leaving the crease to get to the pitch of the ball.
Spin Bowling - A smiling Jim Sims is shown with a ball. The finger grip is shown for a leg break. Sims then uses a ball that has half of it painted white. The finger grips are shown for a leg break, top spinner and googly. Then emphasis on the index finger for the off break. Sims is then shown bowling to an unguarded wicket. First the off spinner, shown three times then Sims' bowling action from a side camera angle. Back to behind the stumps and a leg break. This is repeated twice, followed by a googly. The viewer is invited to spot the googly from a number of deliveries by Sims. His run up is again shown from a side angle. Sims then bowls a number of leg breaks and a couple of googlies. The hand and finger grips around the seam of the ball are shown again.
Fast Bowling - Sims shows the finger grip for the outswinger, then the inswinger, the difference being the placement of the fingers on the seam. The different position of the feet for these two types of deliveries are then demonstrated. Sims then shows these types of deliveries bowling at the stumps. From a side angle, his run-up and follow through are shown. we are then reminded of the finger grips for the in and out swingers. We are then shown how not to bowl a "no-ball". The camera focuses on the feet and the bowling crease with Sims demonstrating the right and wrong place of delivery. Diagrams are then introduced to show the differences in height of deliveries by slow and fast bowlers.
Wicket-Keeping - Godfrey Evans demonstrates the fine art of wicket keeping. Making a mark behind the wicket, he positions himself so he can see the bowler. He has his gloves open and pointed downwards, crouched behind the stumps, giving him a clear view of the bowler from the off stump. His gloves are pointed downwards and open. Evans shows how to catch the ball and stump if necessary. Concentrating on footwork, Evans demonstrates how to get in line with the ball while still being able to reach the wicket. His skill is then demonstrated taking the ball being bowled at the wicket. Stumping is then shown with Evans taking the ball and breaking the wicket in one movement. Keeping to fast bowling is then demonstrated. Evans marks his stance some distance behind the wicket, making adjustment after the first ball. This enables him to take the ball cleanly without hitting the ground first. Taking the ball down the leg side is then shown with emphasis on getting the gloves in line with the ball. Evans exemplifies diving across to take the ball. Fielding returns over the stumps and breaking the wicket comes next. Evans catches the ball and takes the bails off in one easy movement. Advice on the correct kit for a wicket keeper is then given. Protective, but not cumbersome, pads for the legs, inner gloves for wearing under the padded gloves.
General fielding - Edrich displays the finer arts of fielding. Crouched in the covers, paying attention to the flight and direction of the ball before returning it to the wicketkeeper. Slip fielding is then demonstrated, with emphasis on the stance and open hands. Edrich displays catching at shoulder height then at ankle height. Edrich again emphasises the hand movement with the ball. He then shows catching a high ball in the field. Eye on the ball and hands cupped, getting under the ball. To conclude, action is shown from a Test Match in Australia, with emphasis being given to practising. The film closes with shots of bowling, wicket keeping and batting practise.

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