Film: 9883

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Stately Homes of Great Britain

Part One

Map of Great Britain. Close up of Dorchester and Athelhampton. A lake with trees. Shot moving across outside of Athelhampton. Ceiling and candelabra. Interior room and tall gothic style window. Outside view of window. View down staircase and up staircase to a window and along a hall. Exterior view of a wing. Stained glass crest of Martin family - an ape looking in a mirror. View through door into chapel. Altar and cross on wall. Exterior view of house from one side and then the other. Pigeon or dovecote. View of house from pigeon cote. Oak panelled bedroom and carved wood bed. Garden and shaped privets. Tudor formal gardens, pond and fountain. View along a corridor. Two wooden wine barrels. Cellar with metal bars. Owner's wife and baby in garden. The present owner mr Robert Cook seated at a table in front of a window writing.
Map of Great Britain. Close up of Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, England. Small scale model. Close up from two directions. Parkland and hedges. An old square pond? A woman's foot in the pond. View close up across the park to a monument? Old picture of Woodstock Manor. Painting of Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough. Portrait of John Churchill, later Earl of Marlborough. Close up of portrait. Tapestry of campaign in Netherlands, Europe. Close ups of various parts of the tapestry - battles and people. Statue of Queen Anne in a library. Close up of portrait of Sir John Vanburgh. shot across whole exterior of Blenheim. Both sides and formal garden. Hand carving in stone. Shot of stone decorations. View across river and bridge. close up of bridge. Close up of Duke of Marlborough in tapestry. Close up of Duchess's portrait. View of entrance. Close up of stonework. Blocks of unfinished stone. Portrait of King George I. View along entrance road to Blenheim Palace at Woodstock moving to entrance through gates. Flag and flag pole. Side steps of main entrance. View from roof on a wing into the room in the wing opposite. Interior of room. Chairs, tapestry, fireplace and screen. Table. A dining room with long table and chairs set up. Two large doorways. View down a long corridor, tables and chairs. View of river, bridge and across to the palace. Scale model lit up. Chandelier close up of crystal. View through doorway into part of cloakroom where Sir Winston Churchill was born. Trees and temple in gardens. View across fields and close up of church. Sir Winston Churchill buried in Bladon graveyard. Close up of grave. People walking in formal gardens. The tenth Duke of Marlborough and dogs at a side entrance. The Duke walking in a garden. Column of victory in grounds. Close up of statue of John Churchill at the top of column. View of column from a distance.

Part Two

Map of Great Britain. Close up of Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire. View along a street with traffic to a church tower. Derby and the All Saints Cathedral. Close up of the tomb of the Countess of Shrewsbury, Bess of Hardwick. View of the ruins of the old manor house at Hardwick. Aerial view across grounds and ruins. Close up of portrait of the Countess of Shrewsbury. Close up of portrait of Sir William Cavendish - Treasurer of the King's Chamber. View across countryside to Hardwick. Portrait close up of the son of the Earl of Devonshire. View of ruins of Hardwick Manor. exterior view of a church. Portrait of Sir William St Loo. Portrait of George Talbot, sixth Earl of Shrewsbury. Exterior of old Hardwick Manor. Entrance gate to Hardwick Hall. Exterior view of a wing. Large windows. Interior of room. Chair, fireplace, tapestry stand, pianoforte. Large room - tables and chairs, large fireplace. Bedroom. Wood door, tapestries, four poster bed. View up stone steps to long corridor. Tapestries on walls. Exterior view. Close up of initials E.S. in decorative part of roof. Portrait of Mary, Queen of Scots. Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I. Portrait of Arabella Stuart as a child and one of her as an adult. Interior of room. Coat of arms above doorway. Portrait of a young King James VI of Scotland and I of England. Exterior view of Hardwick Hall. Portrait of Bess of Hardwick in old age. Painting of old exterior of Hardwick Manor. Interior room and Evelyn, Dowager Duchess of Devonshire - photograph of her in room. Chairs embroidered. Exterior view of hall. Map of Great Britain.
Close up of Charlecote Park, Northamptonshire. Deer in a park. An old book on a table shown in close up. A chair, table and fireplace. Shadow of a face on marble floor. Portrait of William Shakespeare. Close up shot moving across park. Close up of bust of Sir William Lacey? Statue of Falstaff in a park. Exterior of Charlecote and other side. Lucy family old house. Bust of Thomas Lucy's wife. View of Charlecote Manor from the River Avon. Gatehouse. View across forecourt and outside of house. Original brickwork close up. View through entrance gate moving along entrance. Bust of Queen Elizabeth. Old painting of Charlecote and grounds above fireplace. Red room - chairs, curtains, fireplace. Portrait of Queen Elizabeth over fireplace. Bust of Sir Thomas Lucy. Bust of his grandson. Bushes in garden. View around gardens. Deer in the park. Jacob sheep in the park. View along river and a field. Across formal garden and view of house. Avenue of trees. Bridge over river. Bust of George Hammond Lucy. Bust of wife, Mary Elizabeth Wynn-Williams. View of another part of exterior. Interior room, library, two chairs and a harp. Black travelling coach close up. Old painting of hall in Charlcote. View of church across the field. Close up of tombs of the Lucys. Sir Brian Fairfax Lucy and lady Lucy in the library. Visitors walking round exterior of house.

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