Film: 9885

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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The processing and refining of: Crude oil, soap, palm oil,peanuts, cocoanuts, cotton, edible fats into finished products.

Landscape with trees. Close up of red flower. Cacti. Water lillies on a pond. Sunflower. close up of cut orange. Oil seed being washed with pliers. Close up of oil being squeezed out of a seed. Outline map of the world. Tropical belt identified by floating animated sun. Drawing of ground nuts or peanuts on the plant above and below ground view. Drawing of palm trees and then cocoanuts. Close up of a real cocoanut and hands opening it up to show the inner white copra which will produce the oil. Drawing of palm tree and palm fruit in close up. Real fruit showing segments and hands showing one segment. Three dishes of palm fruit, one is cut in half to show how two types of oil are obtained, one from the outer husk and palm oil from the the inner nut. Drawing of a cotton plant. Close up drawing of a cotton plant. Drawing of a soyabean plant. Drawing of rapeseed plant. Drawing of a sesame plant. Drawing of a sunflower. Lots of seed being poured into storage container. Large sacks of seeds being lifted from ship container by rope. Sacks of seeds cut open and poured into a chute. Close up of seeds picked up by the bucket of a crane. Close up of a conveyor belt with seeds falling off at the end. Close up of seeds being poured into a pestle. Seed tissues under a microscope. Drawing of seed tissues. close up of oil being squezed. Animation of seed tissue. Close up of hand crushing seeds with a mortar and pestle. Close up of crushed seeds in a glass bowl, heated by boiling water. Close up of hands and metal spatula examining heated crushed seeds. Crushed seeds in a vice being squeezed. Close up of seeds being squeezed. Not so close up to show oil squeezed out of the crushed seeds. Commercial oil mill with man climbing onto machinery using a ladder, pans left to show "cracker rollers" which crush the seeds. Close up of "cracker rollers". Different angle of "cracker rollers", a mans leg/torso go past in shot. Shot of industrial machinery called "kettles" where heating of seeds takes place. Close up of "kettles". Animated cross section of "kettle". Shot of "kettle" from top to bottom. Industrial machinery called an "expellor". Animated cross section of an "expellor". Interior of an "expellor". Animation of seed residue. Close up of a hand and glass funnel. Close up of glass test tube holding oil from glass funnel. Bottom of test tube holding seed residue. Animation of oil globules. Close up of test tube and holder, panning down to a glass funnel. Animated diagram of solvent tanks. Close up of man in lab coat working and heating up the oil in glass beakers. Close up of oil being heated. Close up of hand swishing oil in bottle. Man in lab coat testing oil by touch and taste. Close up of bottle with oil on a stand. Animation of Tri-Glyceride diagram. Close up of bottle of oil, stand with beaker of solvent being poured in. Close up of bottle with oil and solvent. Animation of the process of oil and solvent. Close up of hand pouring liquid from one bottle to another. Close up of hands using lab apparatus to measure crude oil into a bottle. Close up of bottle and measuring laboratory apparatus. Close up of hand mixing liquids in bottle. Close up of glass tube with liquids and measurement markings. Hand mixing liquids in bottle. Close up of hand writing on a pad. Interior overview of refinery. Man using industrial enclosed container for oil. Close up of man using industrial enclosed container. Close up of alkali sprayed in glass funnel with oil. Close up bottom view of glass funnel with alkali and oil. Close up top view of funnel with water pumped in. Close up side view of funnel with chemical reaction. Close up of bottom of funnel being drained off. Man operating refinery tank. Close up of portal on the tank. Close up of mans profile. Close up of portal on the tank. Close up of mans profile again, man pulls lever and signals to another man. Other man acknowledges. Other man turns a valve. Close up of container with earth. Close up of bottle and oil being heated. Pressure filters. A man goes to take a sample. Other man twists valve and goes to check on another machine. Close up of oil through portal in tank. Oil being sprayed into a large container. Close up of oil filling large container. Blocks of margarine on conveyor belt. Close up of oil in container. Close up of woman's hand and jar of face cream. Woman applying face cream in front of a mirror. Man showing a woman lino in a shop. Paint brush dipped into a pot of blue paint. Close up of hands checking soap on a conveyor belt. Close up of oil being poured into large container.

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