Film: 9886

Road Transport | 1950 | Sound | Colour


Documentary about the rebuilding of Germany's motorway system after the second world war. Possibly late 1940's or early 1950's. Features a delegation of British motorway experts travelling around construction sites. Technical information for those who understand concrete and the ways of concrete.

Shot of Frankfurt's main airport. British European Airways passenger plane lands. Crowd of people watch the passengers disembark. Tannoy announcer greets the delegates of the British Federation for the Renewal of German Motorways. All of them are middle aged men in suits. Two delegates (the chairman, Mr Swindlehurst? and another) enter a blue Vauxhall car which is parked outside the airport. Two nuns walk past the camera (?). Shot of a long highway from inside the car. Credits. More road. Car pulls in to a secluded lay-by. Car goes back onto the motorway. Model of section of the Rhineland showing all the proposed new roads. Delegates stand at an outdoor display of the model, which shows the connecting bridge from Mannheim to Ludwigshafen across the Rhine. Cut to the actual bridge. Many people stand on it looking down on to the highway below. Pan out to reveal more of the highway which is still under development. Sketch of viaduct and elevated highway. Federation convoy goes down an old road. A cow stands at roadside.

Building site of viaduct. Large supports are already in place. Piles of bricks on the floor. Temporary staging across two columns. Men lay cables on deck slabs. Convoy on experimental section of road made from pre-stressed concrete. Vauxhall stops at a road barrier and the men exit. Elevated roadway at Bittesheim. Vauxhall back on the road. Hits a diversion for road repairs. Repaired road has new and special coating. Vauxhall parks outside a red brick building. Mr Swindlehurst and companion exit. Bridge over Moselle at Koblensk (?) is an example of a pre-stressed arch operating on the counter lever principle from each pier.

Vauxhall on the motorway (shot from face on, not inside). Arrives in Essen (?) the metropolis of the Ruhr district. Convoy from the conference comes to a stop. Aircraft shot of a large stretch of autobahn running through a rural area (commentary in German). Complex autobahn seen from the air (commentary in English). Shows two types of junction: the 'T' and the crossroad. Both are explained using examples seen from the air. Aeroplane crosses the Rhine.

Vauxhall on the road in the Ruhr area. Bridge across Bombach valley gives secondary access to the autobahn. It is a reinforced concrete arch. Dual carriage motorway seen running underneath the bridge. Delegates board a train at Cologne to go 290 miles to Hamburg. See heavily industrialised area from the train window - smoking chimneys and large grey buildings. Some housing. Large expanses of track. Steam train. Train driver and his POV of the track ahead.

POV from the Vauxhall taking an exit to Eifahrt. Hamburg main street. Tram. Boat on the Alsere (?). Long shot of houses on the other side of the river, and a road running alongside it. People board small sail boats. Sailboats on the river. Lombard bridges from 1886 - shot from inside a boat. Street sign. Vauxhall on the road to Lubeck. Long shot of the road showing the deceleration lane and the slip road for traffic entering.

Berlin - town border marked by a statue of a bear. Templehof airport. Pan Am aeroplane (N88922) lands. Delegates disembark. Mr Swindlehurst and companion exit airport. Bus goes past front of airport. Sign saying "Schnellstrasse". Overpass with dingy houses beneath it. End of overpass still in construction - cranes and scaffold. Model of area focussing on flyover. Flyover in construction. Car comes out of motorway underpass tunnel. VW Beetle on carriageway. Radio tower. View from observation desk. View going down in the lift or elevator. Car in tunnel - the lighting is controlled for all conditions. Motorway bus stop including built-in shelter. Theatre - Berlin's Congress Hall designed by American architect Hugh Stubbins- shot from various angles outside. "The City of Tomorrow". Blocks of flats - not very pretty. Lump of modern art in the town plaza. Tall buildings. Bell tower in silhouette. The End.

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